2 Amazon purchases that make me drink more water!

We all know how important being hydrated is.

I know it’s kinda boring but DRINKING A TON OF WATER is so important.

Earlier this year, I shared my tips for drinking more water & if I do say so myself, I was doing pretty awesome with it… that is until we moved.

Instantly, after we moved, Erik & I both felt… off. I noticed I was retaining water more  {aka looking a bit fluffier}, AWFUL undereye circles, I was tired & thirsty all the time. Erik made a comment that we are drinking a LOT less water than we used to & it clicked instantly with me.

He was right. Not only this year did I really feel the benefits of being constantly QUENCHED but as soon as I stopped, I felt awful.

Now I know this may sound psycho, but I can’t just do water out of the sink. I’m not even talking unfiltered… completely temperature wise. I’m someone who likes my water FREEZING COLD. I hate room temperature water & if it’s hot water, then it’s herbal tea or spicy lemon-aid. I want ICE FREEZING COLD water.

I knew things had to change and fast or else we will really deal with the consequences before we know it.

I got on Amazon and purchased TWO THINGS that has changed our hydration game for the win. PS – the pitcher comes with free one day delivery for Amazon Prime members!

PUR 18 Cup Water filter

– and –

VEBO Infuser Pitcher

I know they are very basic purchases but Erik & I are drinking more water than ever before.

I also use them both together constantly.

Let’s start with 18 Cup Filter

san francisco lifestyle blogger, shannon silver of essellesse, talks two amazon purchases to drink more water!


I love it since it’s very slim and fits nicely in our small refrigerator. It fits 18 Cups and super easy to refill.

I fill this baby up every single evening before bed & try my best to finish it daily with Erik {9 cups of water each!}. After all, it’s my number 1 skincare tip.

It’s SUPER easy because it has the instant dispenser and like my tip here, as soon as I finish a cup, I fill it up instantly.

It’s also how I start every single morning I personally like the routine of this too from starting with it in the morning & filling it in the evening- routines make me happy πŸ™‚

I chose this one 100% for the size & I can have my ice cold water on demand! In fact, I’ve already had two full glasses as I typed out this post.

Now let’s talk the infuser.

VeBo Tea and Fruit Infusion Pitcher With Ice Core Rod


THIS THING OMG is one of my all time favourite Amazon purchases {next to my calculator watch… more on this another day} and has really enhanced our water game.

Basically, it comes with a hollow core that you can fill with fruits to infuse the water. Every morning, I prep a spa water and by evening, we have a fancy water to serve with dinner! Just call me Ina.

This may sound silly but it’s one thing I really look forward too each morning. It’s strangely therapeutic & so fun to experiment with flavours.

Here are some flavour combos I’m loving lately:

white peach + basil

nectarine + mint

strawberries + lemon {skinny strawberry lemonade!! pictured below}

lemon + mint

strawberries + blueberries + blackberries {literally tasted like candy}

watermelon + mint

cucumber + cantaloupe + honeydew {bath & body works throwback!}

detox water

…. the list goes on. Honestly, we haven’t had one that we haven’t liked yet! I really want to try a pineapple & coconut infusion too.

essellesse shares a favourite amazon purchase: VeBo Tea and Fruit Infusion Pitcher With Ice Core Rod

It also comes with a solid core to fill with water and freeze to ice in case infused water isn’t your thing. Would be fun to make fruit ice and let that melt in the water too. Would also be fun to use some of these combos for a base for a light cocktail or spritzer.

Anyways, I had to share. For $45, these two products have been worth the price within the first day. It’s an effortless way to keep us hydrated. No one likes a thirsty b πŸ˜‰

Any fun water / fruit combos I should try? LMK!

Happy hydrating!


PS – peep my Amazon store HERE! Fun, right?!


PUR 18 Cup Filter :: buy here
Infuser Pitcher :: buy here
holographic straws :: buy here

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  1. 2.6.20
    Jordan Hibbs said:

    Love this post! Staying hydrated is so important. Definitley going to check out these on Amazon.

  2. 2.6.20

    I’ve been wanting to try one of those infusers! The strawberry and lemon sounds really good!

  3. 2.6.20

    Thanks so much for sharing! I love creating my own flavored water πŸ™‚

  4. 2.6.20
    Shrazzi said:

    Need to try all of those infusions! Thanks for the inspiration 😘

  5. 2.6.20
    Cindy Aparbal said:

    I am so bad at drinking water. I have a water filter and tons of cute water bottles I just forget however I making a point to drink more water I will try some of these infusions hopefully I’ll be more hydrated! #scsister

  6. 2.6.20
    Isabella Hibbs said:

    Nice! I live in Arizona and its always SO hot lol You learn to drink a lot of water lol

    • 2.6.20

      omg I’m jealous… SF has been SO cold all summer!! Let me know any water products you love living out in AZ! xSLS

  7. 2.6.20

    As I was reading your post I thought, hmmm… I too have been feeling tired, and have been feeling a lot of tension around my eyes. I was about to put on an eye mask (probably still will) but after reading your post I’m going to pour myself a massive glass of water! The peach and basil infused water sounds so delish, I need to get your infusion pitcher to try it out!

  8. 2.6.20
    Jamie Lynn said:

    Ok, I really like the idea of the frozen fruit in the infuser. Talk about fancy!!!