essellesse talks Tokyo Fashion Week! • Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo 2019 A/W day two

Amazon Fashion Week Tokyo Day 2 is in the books! I swear, each show has blown me away. It’s been so interesting to see the personalities of each brand & where some of the trends overlap… in fact, that’s the best way to predict what trends to expect later this year!

At the end of AFWT, I’ll be sure to post my trend forecasts & what looks really just rocked my world.

Let me know which looks you are loving! In case you missed it, check out my Tokyo Fashion Week Day 1 recap here

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SHUSHU/TONG was established in 2015 by Shanghai designers Liushu Lei & Yutong Jiang. Their aesthetic is “bold & feminine”.

The models walked down a white runway with a black background with their hair up or with little black bows. Fitting as the colours of the 2019 AW collection were black, white, red, tan, & a hint of blue.

A quote I love regarding this collection is from Liushu Lei herself: “My fall 2019 collection, which is inspired by the strong female leads in space-themed movies, will be shown in an unconventional format, a hybrid between a presentation and a runway show in a retro-futuristic setting,” she said.” { via }

Personally, I found the line both futuristic & nostalgic – with modern hints of fairy tales & even girl scouts. A lot of little details really added to the look, such as bows, hoisery, & petticoats.

Key trends: furry bags of all sizes {i want that huge one SO BAD}; A line maxi-skirts with petticoats and sashes, bermuda shorts with black socks; ruffles; bows; waist, hip, &.or shoulder emphasis; fitted tops with statement skirts

where to buy: K3; SSENSE {Japan} & Lane Crawford {overseas}

how to apply to your own closet: A-line maxis with t-shirts tucked in {add a petticoat or sash}, button down shirts under slip dresses, knee high socks with everything; this combo: light blue dress, white tights, red mary jane shoes; suit with cut pants {find a thrifted one for this to cut!} with kneee high socks

My favourite looks:

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kotohayokozawa is the namesake brand of Japanese designer, Kotoha Yokozawa. Established in 2015, she meshes together emotions and clothing.

Her 2019 A/W line is seriously streetwear at it’s finest. Nostalgic yet current at all of the same time. The pieces were expertly yet unexpectedly deconstructed & layered. Think tiny shorts worn down by the knees as if it’s perfectly hanging down. Sheer panelings, cheeky knits, & statement, internet inspired jewelry. I have no question that this brand will be making major waves here in the US.

Key trends: sheer paneling; cheeky detailing; deconstructed dresses & knits, statement jewelry, leather braletettes; pleated knits; large shopping totes; destroyed denim

how to apply to your own closet: wear relaxed pants & large tops together, mix ivory & denim; take a cheap pair of denim & cut one of the legs as shorts; denim tops & knit bottoms

My favourite looks { via }:

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Asian Fashion Meets TOKYO (Indonesia) 2019AW

DANJYO HIYOJI: InstagramFacebookwebsite
Eri: instagram

So this show was two shows in one showcasing two Indonesian brands. The first show was Danjyo Hiyoji & second was Eri.

Daniyo Hiyoji was launched in 2001 by Indonesian designers Dana Maulana & Liza Masitha & huge in Jakarta. They won many awards, including “Most Innovative Local Brand” as well as Label of the Year, Best Men’s Wear, Best Ready to Wear & many, many more.

Eri was launched in 2015 by Jakarta designer, Eridani. He worked for many Indonesian designers prior to branching on his own. In fact, he was awarded in Japan for his wedding dresses back in 2010 & his dresses are just exquisite. Eri also achieved “Most Innovative Local Brand”. His dresses are comfortable with low maintenance fabric with perfect draping and detailing.

Danjyo Hiyoji: WHAT A SHOW! From the very beginning, I knew it was going to be special from the set & music alone {starts with simple wind chimes, goes into upbeat hip hop & then electronica} – I found it matched the styles & clothes perfectly. Set wise, it was all black and the runway was a simple spotlight. I am trying to keep opinions to myself on these recaps but this show is making that hard & just blew me away. The styles were modern plays on athletic wear & suiting. Colours were black, red, white, & pinstripe

Key trends {Danjyo Hiyoji}: hoodies with the hood up & feathered hair {doing this next week in Denver!!!}; hoodies under suits, modern athletic wear, bright floral prints

how to apply to your own closet {Danjyo Hiyoji}: white hoodies under a pinstripe suit; sports bra w/ maxi skirt & slit, crew socks, sneakers; blazer + biker shorts + corset belt

Eri: AGAIN, WHAT A SHOW! the show changed gears perfectly, changing the runway from white spotlight to a more dim grey, with focus on the styles/fabric themselves & more mellow music. The models wore their hair parted in the center & stick straight dresses were expertly layered with turtlenecks & hoisery/leggings with classic, timeless styles.

Key trends {ERI}: mustard yellow mixed with charcoal grey, navy, & black; layered dresses, kimono style sleeves, neck lines or sashes, dresses hugging the shoulders, maxi dresses & high slits, notched necklines, thich silky fabrics, black & navy worn together

how to apply to your own closet {ERI}: mix pinstripe with yellow hoisery; pair kimono style dresses with turtlenecks {!!! LOVED THIS}; off the shoulder dresses with turtlenecks, pops of yellow & orange with black / navy / charcoal, high slits with coloured tights or leggings, maxi style & long sleeves with peep-toe shoes {!!! THiS FOR WINTER}

Where to shop Eri: Atelier266 in Jakarta; FashionLink; Grand Indonesia Department Store

My favourite looks:

danjyo hiyoji


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YUKI TORII INTERNATIONAL was established in 1975 by Tokyo designer, Yuki Torii. It’s a modern expression of individuality with clothes designed to make you happy. They are easy to wear in daily life & she matches her clothes to moods of the times. Yuki Torii designs clothes that are bright & timeless… guarenteed to put a smile on your face.

This show absolutely encompasses all that! The models were fresh faced & smiling as they walked the runway. The colours were bright & punchy and paired perfectly with prints like crocodile {one you don’t see a lot of! I’m calling it, crocodile for fall is the new snakeskin for spring}.

Colours included: bright reds, pinks & magentas, bright blues & greens, light grey, brown & jewel tones. Each of these were mixed and they all worked! The styles were feminine, modern & ones that will last every time & season.

Key trends: crocodile print, velvet; feathers; fuzzy knits; bright colours; layered basics; quilted fabrics; a-line skirts; busy prints; midi skirts

where to buy: Ginza Torii

how to apply to your own closet: pair printed dresses with solid knits; sweatshirt over a button down with a midi skirt & cardigan on top; mix sky blue with light grey; green & khaki together

My favourite looks { via }:

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Malamute is a women’s ready to wear line established in 2014 by Japanese designer: Mari Odaka.

Her 2019 RTW for A/W was chic, effortless, & elegant. The gold runway was lit with fluorescent lights which illuminated the models perfectly. Basically all you see are them & the clothes with the background being dark.

Personally, this is one designer to keep an eye on. She added modern touches to classic styles. Thing grandfather sweaters with silver clasps, suits cinched at the waist, & fair isle sweaters zipped all the way up with neck detailing – veyr much got a “ski vibe” from some of it. Rich hues of garnet red, navy blue, & black as well as some pastel shades and ivory. Her show was inspired by Tokyo’s changing landscape and the 2020 Olympics.

Key trends: ankle slit pants, cold shoulders, brocade style prints, high necks, retro knitwear, tailored suitpants with a relaxed hem, straight leg denim with large cuffs

how to apply to your own closet:s cinch suits with a thick belt over the waist; zip sweaters all the way up & add a choker; cuff denim; pair dark denim with a navy top & jacket; sheer maxi skirts with full coverage underwear {I love this} & nude long sleeve turtlenecks;

My favourite looks:

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Anrealage was established in 2003 by Tokyo designer, Kunihiko Morinaga. The name Anrealage represents “A REAL”, “UNREAL”, & “AGE”. It’s an unrealistic twist on everyday life with the belief that “god is in the detail”

If I had to describe this collection in three words, it’s LARGER THAN LIFE. Think oversized everything, especially details. Buttons, patches, tags all made a major impact. The prep school vibes made a major impact here from crests to argyle knits. The knits itself were oversized & one of my favourite details was the huge tag on the giant ANREALAGE scarf. Even the jewelry, one of my personal favourite necklaces were lifesize handcuffs on a huge chain. Key colours were grey, navy, red, blue, & black.

Key trends: oversized everything; preppy decals & styles; statement necklaces & chains; statement jackets; huge buttons & zippers

where to buy: Anrealage online & Anrealage Zozotown

how to apply to your own closet: crest blazers with sky blue button downs, oversized cozy turtlenecks with oversized jackets, argyle & black tights; huge chains with a monotone or knit look

My favourite looks { via }:

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