& just like that… we are on Amazon Tokyo Week Day Six, the final day of Tokyo Fashion Week.

I have a post more on this coming tomorrow, but wow. I am completely blown away by EVERYTHING I’ve seen but also? my love for blogging has come full-throttle.

To put things in perspective, I’ve been on Tokyo time all week. Basically my week consisted of all nighters and a handful of hours of sleep during the day. I wanted to keep things real time & up to date!

I watched every single show & took notes… which turned into these posts! Normally, blog posts take me between 2 – 6 hours, MAX. These however… we are talking 12 hours. A lot of care and love went into these and I’m so sad it’s over!

I am leaving Tokyo Fashion Week {virtually} COMPLETELY inspired. I have so many ways I want to wear my closet, & it’s been so fun attending virtually!

The internet & social media is a really dope thing. It’s easy to get caught up in the negative – I’ve done it! – but the positive completely outweighs it. With a click of a button, I was able to teleport to Tokyo and see these designs and shows firsthand… how lucky are we to have that technology?

I can confidently say that EVERY single designer who partook in Tokyo Fashion Week completely knocked it out of the park. The designs were some of the most perfect I’ve seen… some shows even drove me to tears, they were so good.

I’ll do a round up of all my favourite looks & constantly show how I’m incorporating my fav AFWT looks… & I’ll try to get my hands on some of these designs. They are absolutely worth the investment!

I hope you enjoyed virtually being in Tokyo with me!! Now, time to plan my next Tokyo trip.

Have a wonderful weekend!! What looks did you love? I can’t wait to share mine in a future post!

さよなら, AFWT! I miss you already! See you in jūgatsu.


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ANEI is a men’s & women’s ready to wear brand established in 2018 by Japanese designer Yu Haneishi. The 2019 A/W is his breakout line with AFWT & I was so excited to see it!

Previously under the wing of Yohji Yamamoto & Y-3, his brand concept is “next heritage” and features timeless, expertly layered unisex pieces.

The runway was in the shape of the A & the models wore relaxed, loose silhouettes of knits, hoodies, & tailored pants. The line itself was very chic and would look right at home in any city.

Key trends: charcoal grey; lime green; tailored slacks; draped long layers; burn orange; burgundy; ivory white; long sleeves; relaxed fits

how to apply to your own closet: sporty sneakers with grey socks under slacks; layered hoodies; pants + sweater dress + birkenstocks with socks; all white layers

My favourite looks:

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Nobuyuki Matsui

instagram • website

Nobuyuki Matsui is the namesake men’s ready to wear line by Nobuyuki Matsui, established in 2016.

This line is inspired by Amazon, the hosts of Tokyo Fashion Week. Inspired by the cardboard boxes & packaging, he themed his show with the “buffer” materials. Models walked along a runway full of package materials as if you just opened your Amazon cardboard! A very cool nod to the hosts of the show themselves.

The line itself is oversized, full of contrasting prints and materials; overpacked & stuffed items; large silhouettes; eyecatching stitching, & quilted materials. Another menswear line but I could see myself wearing every single outfit!

Key trends:

where to buy:

how to apply to your own closet:

My favourite looks:

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beautiful people

instagram • twitterfacebook • website

beautiful people, by designer Hidenori Kumakiri, was established in 2007 & is a men’s / women’s ready to wear brand,, with the first flagship opening in Aoyama, Tokyo. Prior to creating his own brand, he worked as a mdoelist at COMME DES GARÇONS.

Each season plays with two opposing ideas to represent that beauty & people cannot be defined by solely one thing.


Key trends: ivory; plaid; charcoal grey; suiting; ribbon ties; loose fits & fabrics

how to apply to your own closet: sheer layering; turtlenecks under a slip dress

My favourite looks:

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RAINMAKER KYOTO, established in 2013, is a men’s & women’s ready to wear brand by designers Koichi Watanabe & Ryutaro Kishi.

The styles & set were minimal & chic. There was a wave of nostalgia with the outfits that revisited decades past, but especially the 70s. The silhouettes were elegant, timeless, & chic. These are styles that will last you through the seasons & even paying homage to past decades, still feel relevant.

Key trends: grey; retro; flared pants; 70s influence; long coats; sash ties; purse around the neck; knits; bombers; layers

where to buy: online

how to apply to your own closet: belted coats; turtleneck + blazer + jeans; bomber jacket tucked into pants

My favourite looks:

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CINOH was established in 2014 by Takayuki Chino. The concept of CINOH is ““clothing for not only momentary existence, but long lasting in wardrobe and memory””. With a high standard on fabrics & tailoring, the line is fun, inspired by the streets of Tokyo, playful & mature at the same time.

The theme of the show was grunge – the models walked down a black and white striped runway with the perfect music accompanying it. Drums were by Takashi Hirakura of hte HIATUS, then electronica which for the last two works transitioned into a rework of Nirvana’s “Smells like Teen Spirit”. A perfect way to encompass the line of grunge wear all grown up.

Key trends: leopard print, blue: navy & cobalt; plaid prints; neck emphasis; knitwear; leather overalls; ankle slits; silky fabrics; colour-blocking; suiting

where to buy: online

how to apply to your own closet:

My favourite looks:

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areteyYuya Nakata created POSTELEGANT in 2017, a men’s & women’s ready to wear line. POSTELEGANT’s concept is modern yet era-defying clothing.

The styles can be worn by either gender & as the name suggests, are classic, crisp, & modern.

Key trends: ivory white; blue; military; strong shoulder; red; layered turtlenecks; toggle closures

how to apply to your own closet hoodies under cozy knits; turtlenecks with blazers; layered sweaterdresses

My favourite looks { via }:

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coming soon


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JieDa was created in 2007 by Hiroyuki Fujita. This Japanese label is inspired by the youth culture of Tokyo as well as contemporary fashions. THe many influences of it guarentees a dynamic line that stays grounded to Tokyo.

The 2019 A/W collection was themed “Heisei Last Tokyo” & a nod to rave culture from the 90s – y2k (what a time). The floor had orange & white tape, a black light glowed, & smoke flowed through the runway – really making the show itself look like a club. Everything went dark, the electronica music began & on went the show… & the last one of Tokyo Fashion Week.

Key trends: tracksuits, fleece, checkered, mismatching prints, things worn upside down & backwards; as well as collaborations with brands like ellesse, Dickies, & Fruits of the Loom

where to buy: online

how to apply to your own closet: coming soon

My favourite looks { via }:

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