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A gratitude journal is a great way to get into journaling! It’s as simple as logging what you are grateful for on a regular basis.

Journaling changed my life but what if you can give that gift to someone else?

A gratitude journal!

…but for your spouse!

Basically, a journal where you log something about them that makes you thankful.

Every single day, write at least one thing you are thankful for for them. You can do it once in the morning starting the day & once in the evening reflecting… but I also suggest doing it right when you feel it in the present too!

Doing it daily is so important as it will all totally compound over and over. This is what I truly, truly believe is a a surefire way to keep the relationship strong & steady – I VERY strongly believe that. It’s all little efforts with each day that will build a strong as hell foundation.

Practicing gratitude is seriously life changing. It may sound corny but it’s truly so, so powerful to give thanks.

Not only is practicing gratitude a major moodbooster, but it really allows your mind to remain present. It’s truly transformative & it’s been scientifically proven that practicing gratitude is better for your physical and mental health.

If it’s so good for your physical & mental health, then it has to be insanely good for your relationship health, as well. A big fun goal of mine is to be the best wife I can be to Erik. However, the only way I can do that is if I am the best person I can be to myself & constantly present. Gratitude is crucial.

Now here’s where it gets fun but when you finish the journal, GIVE it to your spouse! You are now spreading the gratitude on top of the bonus of being so presently connected & thankful for the year past. How powerful & meaningful is that? Little moments were always remembered and never taken for granted because of being so present.

In fact, you could start this on Valentine’s Day and give it to your spouse next year for a fun gift.

But don’t let dates constrain you – start it whenever you’d like! You can even gift your partner & yourself a journal this Valentine’s Day and start it together.

As far as journals, these are my absoute favs: Leuchhturm 1917 A5 Dotted. For Valentine’s, I’m LOVING their muted special edition shades: especially powder & denim.

As far as layouts or prompts, here are some ideas:

each day, listing out what you are thankful for

any little things that go on through out the day, make a note of them. It can be as simple as them unloading the dishwasher or making coffee in the morning.

random complements on your mind like how handsome he looks in what he’s wearing – get specific! what shirt? what looks good? log it!!!

at the beginning of the month, keep a full page blank. use this later to reflect on highlights of the month, memorable moments, & special notes

can attach momentos like a scrapbook! think tickets, notes, cards… anything!

Random quotes or sayings or lyrics that made you think of them

…. the options are endless! the only rule is there are no rules other than constant practice 🙂

In fact, it would be so fun to mix a gratitude journal and a commonplace book together for your spouse. Basically a mix of journaling & scrapbooking all in one 🙂

Do you keep a gratitude journal?

Happy early V-day! x

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