A day in the Haight

including my fav vintage shops & a peek to the week ahead

Ever since getting married, Erik & I have really made a point to explore new {to us} areas of San Francisco. It’s a great way for us to get out of our neighborhood & really take in what SF has to offer.

We very rarely make it to the Haight & Erik was craving a Papalote burrito – one of his favs. We saw they opened a new location right outside of the Haight, in NoPa so decided to make a day out of it!

We LOVE Papalote’s! Their carne asada burrito is out of this world good & the salsa is OFF.THE.CHARTS. You can buy it here if you’re not in SF. For those in SF, their salsa {i like the original} is at almost every grocery store! I can’t wait to stir this in some queso omg.

Personally, I found the Mission location had a little more charm & preferred that BUT was completely satisfied with my burrito… I mean, how could you not?!

Since we were close to the Haight, we decided to make a day out of it!

Here are a few of my fav places in the Haight if you ever find yourself there

Coffee to the People :: I have a soft spot for this place since it was one of the first coffee shops I went to in San Francisco back in 2013. I personally love them since they have hemp milk – my absolute fav dairy free mylk. See here & here!

Wasteland :: one of the most amazing vintage shops in San Francisco! HUGE, amazing selection – in fact, it felt a lot like shopping Depop irl.. if that makes sense. SUCH a rad selection of chic, vintage, designer goods. Both the men’s & women’s section is completely epic. Not to be missed!

Held Over :: I absolutely love how this place is organized. Think specific categories like “Nordic Sweaters”, or “70s/80s men’s silk shirts”, or “euro Pjs”… no seriously, these glorious categories I just listed were ones they had organized last time I was there & I love them all. They also have an insane little tucked away “cave” of men’s tuxes which are totally rad. Like, I never needed a tailcoat so bad until I saw one there.

Also, I LOVE Hippie Thai Street Food – a MUST!! Quick service, insanely delicious Thai food! I personally love their Pad Kee Mow, Larb, & Kow Ka Pow Gai Kai Dao. Check it out, pretty reasonable prices too as far a SF is concerned.

We finished the day with a night vinyasa yoga class & felt totally refreshed for the week ahead!

Any places you love in the Haight, be sure to let me know!

shopping at wasteland

quotes I loved from this week

what I read online, in a book, from yoga, or heard from Erik lol

 “Never attribute to malice that which can be adequately explained by stupidity.” – Morgan Housel {100 little ideas: SUCH a great read}

Erik Schuchard‘s version he says all the time: “never assume malice when ignorance can suffice.”

“Extinction is the rule. Survival is the exception.” – Carl Sagan

“your breath is your cue on what your body needs” – from a yoga class this week <3

products on my radar

i keep notes on everything I want! Here’s what I jotted down this week

youth to the people mask superberry hydrate & glow dream mask: i got this as a VIB sample at Sephora and completely blown away from how good it is. It sooo luxurious on & I love how clean this brand is! I am def picking up the full size to incorporate 1-2x a week.

brandy melville marisa tank: i recently just got this tank in grey & obsessed with it. It’s ribbed {forever favvvv} and I def want to pick up the white version. I’m loving raw hemmed cropped tanks. The neckline on it is perfect! Only $16 too.

GapFit Ribbed Twist-Knot Sports bra: this seafoam mint long line sports bra is SO cute! Pefect for my vinyasa uniform. I love that it’s ribbed and the length is my fav. Such a fun piece & it could even double as a crop top to wear out. The pastel lavender is darling too!

pur cosmetics x barbie lipstick: I just discovered this Barbie collab by vegan & paraben free makeup brand PUR & just like that, it’s high on my “to buy” list! I personally love the nude pink “classic” but also love the mauve rose “Timeless” & hot barbie pink in {aptly named} “Legendary“!

wearing the “Marisa” tank

cruisin in SF <3

Have a relaxing weekend! Let me know if you like these kind of posts and I’ll make them a weekly thing or maybe even a newsletter 🙂 x

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