2K17 Holiday Vibes & a Very Kaskade Christmas!

Happy Monday after Thanksgiving!

I personally love this time of the year. The area I live in San Francisco really begins to take in the holiday spirit. The houses begin to light up, the bars & restaurants get super cozy and full of twinkle lights, & everything has a holiday touch whether it be spice or peppermint.

In fact, I even have my Starbucks order completely down. When I’m not brewing a superfood coffee here, Erik & I take advantage of the Starbucks app. Basically, you can order ahead & COMPLETELY CUSTOMIZE WHATEVER YOU WANT and by the time you get there, you just pick up your bevvy and go along your merry way. This isn’t an ad but Starbucks get at me! 😉

I’ll admit, I’m an easy one when it comes to my coffee. I normally get a blonde roast with extra cinnamon. If I’m not in the mood for black coffee, then I get a coconut milk or whole milk cappucino with extra cinnamon.

A few weeks ago, I wasn’t feeling my normal blonde roast. It was cold here in SF so I wanted something a little more cozy if you will. They brought back their holiday dark roast so I got that (venti!) with a TON of holiday spices

When I got this for the first time, my mind was blown – it legit tasted SO good & indulgent when it’s only like 5 calories max. There’s no cocoa or anything in it, but when Erik tried it he even thought it tasted like a dessert. I knew I was on to something! Anyways, you HAVE to give it a go or make it at home, it’s so good and seriously easy.

It’s just DARK ROAST COFFEE, extra cinnamon, a dash of vanilla powder and a dash of nutmeg.

If you make it at home, brew the coffee with the cinnamon (my fave trick – more here) & add in vanilla & nutmeg grated with a microplane. You can even add some collagen to it after to keep things healthy this holiday season.

Anyways, this simple coffee has been rocking my world so I had to share it with you guys!!

PS – dark roast has a lower caffeine content than a light / blonde roast.

What else?


Y’all should know I love Kaskade. His album Strobelight Seduction {wish I had it in vinyl} is one of my all time favourite albums. I find he just creates & sets a certain mood.

ANYWAYS – he just released LITERALLY the raddest Christmas album ever. Even if you don’t celebrate Christmas, you can easily get lost in this album {LOOOVE his sexy ass version of Santa Baby as well as Deck the Halls}. Like, I picture being at a cozy bar, with twinkle lights, drinking a single malt by a fireplace to this album.

I shared this on my instagram stories on Thanksgiving and it was a HUGE hit!

You can listen below or here on Spotify. I also have a TON of playlists updated daily {& constantly adding more} so come hang!:


So good, right?! Kind of fun to see the collabs with the likes of Late Night Alumni {!!!} & Skylar Grey.

Okay so one last thing.

A few weeks ago, I went with a girlfriend to the San Francisco Design Festival at Fort Mason which ws super cool. In fact, many of the vendors there were people I already followed on instagram!!

Anyways, we came up to a candle shop called AYDRY & Co which rocked my world. Y’all know I LOVE my candles.


[dahz_framework_image_content title=”keep it cozy” id=”8353″ btn=”BUY ME!” btn_url=”http://shopstyle.it/l/o2RM”]these candles smell heavenly & the wooden wick gives that cozy fireplace flicker![/dahz_framework_image_content]


Not only do they smell beautiful, but they have a thick wooden wick. When you light it, it makes the same flickering sound as a fireplace.

My two favourite scents are Vintage Rose & Bohemian Forest. It literally smells like a Christmas forest! I can’t recc these enough. They pair beautifully with each other.

It really brings a cozy vibe to my tiny fireplace free { 🙁 ! } studio apartment.

Anyways, that’s all I got! These three things are rocking my festive holiday world in a major way so I figured I’d share with you in a post. Three French Hens with one stone…. or something.

Oh! One more thing, I’m REALLY loving hunter green sweaters! The one I’m wearing is from Brandy Melville here over an Express Portofino {50% off!}. I’m wearing it with an plaid jacket from Express circa 2013 but this one from this season is very similar {also 50% off!}.

Speaking of – check the below for everything I got for Black Friday / cyber Monday. I went a lil cray 🙂

How was your Thanksgiving?? Erik & I are back from LA but only to turn around and go to New York in like a day. LA was hot and a whirlwind, but still so fun. I was able to meet up with Cristie who was such a doll & we grabbed champagne at Wally’s Beverly Hills which was a BLAST! Making friends online is seriously something so cool in this era, I must admit. If you are in LA, I can’t recc it enough!

OK that’s all I got! Gotta go make myself a Starbucks order of my festive coffee and get back to work 😉 If you have any NY reccs, let me know!!

OK talk soon! x Shannon



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