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Last Wednesday, Erik & I took a pretty random trip to New York! So random, I’m talking basically 24 hours in New York, New York.

Erik had a commitment there last week & I decided to tag along since I ❤️ NY.

New York is one of my favourite cities in the US. It’s a city I’m pretty familiar with and visit quite often. I almost moved there in 2010 & in fact, we were actually pretty close to relocating there this year!

We left on Wednesday and arrived in Manhattan at around midnight.

One thing I LOVE about New York is that everything is open late. Finding a bite late night is very easy. It’s the opposite in SF since everything here closes at 10p.

We were originally planning on going to one of our fav midtown joints: Rue 57 {go here and get the truffle frites and “rice tuna”} but our flight got delayed so we missed it.

Erik sent me a list of 3 Japanese joints in midtown, all closing late: Restaurant Riki; Udon Izakaya on West 46; & Nishida Sho-ten. I chose Riki and we absolutely loved it! We got the tuna belly skewers, gyozas, pork fried rice, & some Asahi – all were fantastic. The vibe was super cool too: Japanese news on the tv & private booths. Very cool, authentic place if you’re looking for a good late night bite Midtown.

We stayed at The Benjamin Hotel which was walking distance to all of them in Midtown which we enjoyed. It’s a luxury residential-style in Midtown and def had some boutique charm.

The next day, I had to myself for the most part so I started it right and got a bagel at ess-a-bagel. This has been on my list ever since I went last year and it was NEXT LEVEL GOOD {ask Erik, I can’t stop talking about it}. I got the whole wheat everything with herb cream cheese. There was a line but it went really fast! The selection here is HUGE with so many different cream cheeses. I now understand the NY bagel hype – I’ve never had one as good as NYC. It was freshly baked with a crisp exterior and a perfectly tender yet chewy inside.

I also had plans to see my friend Jannika! We hit the pool at DUMBO House in Brooklyn where we had a lil rosé and sauv blanc until golden hour & then headed back chez elle in Lower East Side. She made a fun caprese salad & we had a mini photoshoot which was a BLAST!

I’ve been shooting a lot lately with my friends and tbh, it’s been SO MUCH FUN! Not only do we get great photos but it’s so fun to have these pictures to look back on too. I’ve known Jannika since I was like 7 so we go wayyyy back. She’s one of my closest friends to this day & like I said here, one of the coolest, most genuine girls I know. It was SO lovely to see her and catch up – it’s always as if no time has ever passed! Check out her blog and instagram

Jannika Rask of Neue Reveal poses with wine in Lowe East Side, New York City • essellesse, a lazy luxury lifestyle blog based in San Francisco
lifestyle bloggers Shannon Silver & Jannika Rask of Neue Reveal pose in Lowe East Side, New York City • essellesse, a lazy luxury lifestyle blog based in San Francisco
Jannika Rask of Neue Reveal makes caprese in Lowe East Side, New York City • essellesse, a lazy luxury lifestyle blog based in San Francisco

Before I knew it, it was 10:00 & time to meet Erik so I headed back to Midtown and met him at Bookmarks, the bar in the Library Bar, where I had a Finger Lakes Riesling {Dr. Konstantin Frank – one of my favs!}

The time slipped from us, as it does, & we were STARVINGGGGG. We had all the intentions of going to an old school steakhouse but instead… we hit the Halal cart and brought it back to the hotel! & we LOVED it – it was fun to bring the party back home to the hotel 🙂

Since our trip was so short, we decided to take the last flight on Friday to make the most of our last day in New York! We started it with bagels & coffees from one of the street carts {I really wanted one of those Anthora coffee cups but no dice} & checked out.

{ top & bottompursenecklace }

First stop: drinks at Inside Park at St Barts !

I’ve seen this place for YEARS but never been – it’s always so crowded so we hit it before the lunch crowd! We had the fries, frosé, & a summer ale. The fries were FANTASTIC & it’s a cool setting in the middle of everything – close to Central Park, as well.

Then, we headed down to the West Village, which is personally our favourite neighborhood. There is absolutely no shortage of things to do and the vibe is TOTALLY different from midtown. Midtown is basically where everyone works, where West Village is much more residential and hip.

We went to one of our personal favourite pubs: Blind Tiger Ale House… in fact this is a personal fave of mine since 2009. If you love beer, can’t recc this place enough! We got some space IPAs, chile verde tacos, & pretzel bites.

Blind Tiger Ale House in West Village, New York City • essellesse, a lazy luxury lifestyle blog based in San Francisco
Pretzel Sticks at Blind Tiger Ale House in West Village, New York City • essellesse, a lazy luxury lifestyle blog based in San Francisco
Erik Schuchard leaving the Blind Tiger Ale House in West Village, New York City • essellesse, a lazy luxury lifestyle blog based in San Francisco

We roamed around West Village for a while and found an amazing CBD store called HEMPED!

If you are in NYC, be sure to check it out. Super chic interior, fantastic selection, very generous on samples, & you can buy CBD sparkling water to go! {more info on CBD here, here, here, here}

We head to Washington Square Park, roamed the gardens & saw an outdoor art gallery that was being hosted there!

I haven’t been back in that park since 2009, so it was fun to revisit it a decade later.

Now, it’s about 5:00p & we had to leave Manhattan by 6:00p so we wanted to find one last place to go for a final glass. We found an adorable restaurant called Rosemary’s, had a glass of rosé & headed back to midtown to pick up our bags and grab a car to Newark.

HEMPED CBD IN West Village NEw York City • essellesse a lazy luxury blog based in san francisco
{ interior at Hemped }
RECESS SPARKING WATER AT HEMPED CBD IN West Village NEw York City • essellesse a lazy luxury blog based in san francisco
{ Recess Sparkling CBD Water }

As Erik was handling the bags, I went in the coffeeshop next door to the Benjamin called: Irving Farm. & wish I came in earlier!! It was AMAZING – I got the iced green tea and the aesthetics there was on point. I’ll def be back next time.

Of course, on the way to Newark, we got stuck in HORRENDOUS traffic… and then our flight got majorly delayed {it was a mess} but we got back home to San Francisco around midnight on Friday… just in time for the Silver Oak Release Day Party in Napa the next day! Recap to that coming soon too 😉

TOTALLY RANDOM- but so worth it. That NY energy is contagious and I’m feeling more refreshed than ever.

I’ll have a full on NYC Travel Guide up here soon – I have SO MANY RECCS, not to mention I love the city so stay tuned for that 😉

here’s the TLDR version of everywhere we went this trip!

Restaurant Riki: A late night Izakaya in Midtown with a HUGE menu! It has everything from yakitori to sashimi to okonomiyaki & much, much, more. Cozy intimate atmosphere with Japanese TVs & private booths as well as seating at the bar {other late night Japanese places we were deciding between were Nishida Sho-ten & Udon Izakaya}

Benjamin Hotel: A 4 star midtown hotel with a “residential” vibe. Some of the rooms have gorgeous terraces The bed was super comfy and they have a crazy selection of pillows to choose from varying in coolness & firmness! SUPER friendly staff too.

Ess-A-Bagel: the NYC bagel hype is real. Get the real experience and wait in line {it goes real fast} or be efficient and order online and pick it up. If you order ahead, order way in advance {like night before or at least an hour before} bc the slots fill up FAST.

Halal Carts: a NY staple and these are a dime a dozen & are always open all night long! We went to the one right outside the St. Bartholomew’s Church / 50th. Fun to do if you want to still do the NYC experience but still get back inside to the room ASAP!

Irving Farm Coffee :: a chic, minimalistic coffee shop in Midtown with a kitchen and more spacious seating area. The interior has a minimalistic vibe similar to the coffeehouses in Japan!

Midtown: probably the first thing people think when they come to NYC as it’s home to Rockefeller Center, the Chrysler Building, Grand Central Station, & more. A lot of offices are here so it’s a big “work” area full of hustle and bustle. It’s also pretty touristy and close to Central Park. We almost always stay in this area since it’s close to offices.

Lower East Side: Eclectic, trendy neighborhood in the southeast area of Manhattan. It’s pretty close {2ish subway stops} to Brooklyn & full of chic restaurants, bars, & shopping as well as history.

Dumbo House: A member’s only city club but in the same building there’s a ton of places open to the public. My friend Jannika loves Cecconi’s! fyi- dumbo house does not allow photos!!

Bookmarks in the Library Hotel: intimiate, low key hotel bar with a fun wine list, pretty rooftop, and great views. Get the Dr. Konstantin Frank Riesling from the Finger Lakes!

Inside Park at St Barts: An outdoor patio / bar right outside the church. Be sure to get the fries! Great for an al fresco lunch, drinks, or happy hour. Would be beautiful at sunset too!

West Village: Erik & my fav neighborhood in NYC at the moment! Think cobblestones & brownstones, and an endless amount of bars and restaurants. SO many times when Erik & I come to NY, we just get dropped off and see what we find!

Blind Tiger Ale House: one of my fav NYC bars! Vast, rotating, selection of craft beers with a cozy tavern vibe in West Village

Hemped: CBD store in West Village with a fantastic selection! They have everything from topicals, to edibles, to flower and a verrry generous sample section. Stop by here and grab a can of CBD sparkling water to go.

Washington Square Park: a famous park in Greenwich Village right outside of NYU. This is where the Washington Arch is as well as a fountain & bronze statue of Garibaldi. Lots going on here!! Sunbathers, live music, lots of dogs, picnics, & art!

Rosemary’s: a chic west village Italian restaurant with a rooftop garden & airy atmosphere. They source their vegetables from their garden & a fun Italian wine list – great for people watching outside too.

Any NYC joints you love?? Let me know for next time! I have a feeling I’ll be back in the big apple sooner rather than later 😉

x Shannon

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