2019 RESOLUTIONS {& why I like making tiny ones vs huge ones}

WHY I LOVE TINY RESOLUTIONS • lifestyle blogger, shannon silver, of essellesse talks her 2019 new year resolutions!

HAPPY 2019!!

I don’t know about you but I feel like Christmas was a good month ago. I took some time off completely. Like full on disconnect between Christmas and the New Year & that change of momentum has been so weird.

I’ve been spending a lot – A LOT – of time working on things behind the scenes to prepare for the year ahead. I have a ton of big plans here so I can’t wait to bring them into fruition… that said, before it’s all gas no brakes, I wanted to take advantage of the slower holiday season.

One of my favourite blog posts to read from other bloggers are their resolutions. It’s fun to see what everyone’s goals are and what habits they’d like to create in the new year. There’s something so motivating and personal about it & it’s fun to implement some new tips in my own life. Here were my resolutions for 2016 & 2017!

I’ve spent a lot of time reflecting over 2018. I mentioned this on Instagram, but 2018 was a weird year. Not good, not bad… just weird. In fact, it was one of the most weird years I’ve had since 2013.

I spent a lot of this year being uncomfortable. Everything changed for me professionally & at home. I left the corporate world, rebranded , & moved in with Erik!

This year, I don’t have any HUGE resolutions. Instead, think of a ton of tiny ones. I personally feel like they just set me up for success and can create an attainable habit. I find that tiny resos eventually turn into huge accomplishments.

So for example: instead of saying something like “I want to grow my Instagram to 25k followers”, it would be something like: respond to every comment.

I think the more micro the resolution, the better personally. It gives a lot of room for trial and error but works to accomplish the same macro goal. In fact, the easiest way to figure them out is to think of the “big resolution” as the goal & the tiny ones as the easy things to start NOW

SO here are all my tiny resolutions!

Spend 5 – 10 minutes in the morning with light stretching & breathing exercises. I have a pretty regimented morning routine {will do a full post on this}, full of a Patrick Bateman-esque skin care routine, but I want to incorporate some physical movement into it.

Put things away the second I am done using them. I am not the best when it comes to cleaning, but I really want that to change – especially since I share a home with someone. The easiest way to start clean habits is putting things away the SECOND I am done with it.

Designate Phone-Free zones & hours. The amount of time I spend on my phone is sick. I can’t even blame blogging because I spent just as much time on my phone now than I did in Dallas in 2012 &who knows what I was even doing lol bc it sure wasn’t a blog or instagram! SO- it’s something I need to get a grip on & start new habits. I’m thinking a corner of our house being a 24/7 phone free zone, an hour a day, and a phone free date night no matter where it is once a week. There’s a weird feeling of FOMO when you don’t bring your phone to a restaurant {did it really happen if you didn’t instastory it?}, but every dinner I’ve done without my phone, including places internationally, have been some of my favourite dinners.

Get my day started the second I wake up. I’ve been waking up at 4:00a, without an alarm, almost daily. Annoyed, I’d try to get back to sleep and found when I woke up again at 7:00 or 8:00, I was more tired than I was at 4. Erik recently encouraged me to just go ahead and get my day started & see how my energy levels compare. I also like the idea of getting things done before the sun is even out!

Buy less, buy better. A long term goal of mine is to get my closet vintage & sustainable. I want to be completely AWARE of what I am buying. With every piece, I’ll ask myself the following questions: who made it, what are the materials, where did it come from, is it ethical (this is a yes or no question), is it sustainable (another yes & no question), why do I want it, & why do I need it. I know that sounds a lot, but it’s so easy to fall into trends only to fall right back out & I buy a lot of things I don’t need… which also adds to the clutter. By answering those questions, it will ensure I am buying both less & better.

Spend 20 minutes a day practicing Japanese. Japanese class starts this month!! I’ve gotten a head start with Duolingo and my end goal is to be fluent. I want to read, write, & speak it. Obviously, that’s a BIG goal but the 20 minutes a day makes it easier. I haven’t started class yet, but I do have some clarity in just two weeks of starting it! & 20 minutes fly RIGHT by.

Finish every night with tea. A glass of hot tea at night is like the ultimate goodnight kiss. I always feel so healthy and refreshed the next morning if I finished the night with a soothing tea. The benefits are endless and it’s so healing. It’s a nice stepping stone for a healthier lifestyle in 2019.

Be sure to check in on my friends. The more virtual this world gets that we live, the easier it is to think you are checked in with your friends. After all, with social media, we feel more connected than ever. But if we are being honest, it’s made me lazy. Instead of a date, text or a phone call, I’ll like a photo or reply to their story. This year, less instagram interaction and more personal interaction.

Clean my desktop weekly. My desktop is embarrassing, I’ll be the first to admit it. I work a lot with Lightroom & Photoshop and have a ton of folders. It’s cluttered & it actually brings a lot of mental stress. When I am done with photos, I need to get in the habit of uploading them to the cloud & deleting them off my hard-drive. I figure I’ll start weekly & hopefully it becomes a daily habit.

Go out / order in dinner once a week. This is actually a multi-dimensional reso. Of course cooking at home is always ideal: it’s healthier, cheaper, & reasonable but it also helps with date nights and creating traditions for two, especially now that we live together. Instead of ordering in because I don’t want to deal {which I do more than I’d care to admit tbh}, designate a night once a week to look forward to. Maybe we try a new restaurant, maybe we have a feast of Chinese carryout, maybe we order a pizza… but have one night a week carved out specifically to do so. Plus, when that day arrives, it’s something so exciting! It kind of brings back that early “dating” vibe too circa 2014/2015. It makes the dinners out more special than just because we were tired.

If something doesn’t bring me joy, get rid of it asap. Obviously this can be events, a toxic friendship, etc, but I’m also talking physical items. I can’t tell you how many times I grab for something to wear, or makeup, & then put it on and just not feeling it but then I put it back and repeat. If I’m not feeling something, I’m putting it in a bin to donate or sell. This will also help with clutter!

As you can see with all those tiny resolutions, it’s more of an action item & you can see what the big goal is: stronger personal relationships, a healthier lifestyle, learning a new language, & taking care of my mental health.

I know it’s kind of corny for the “new year, new me” thing, but “fresh starts” are something that works well for me. I love the feeling of a new year, & if we are being honest, New Year’s is one of my all time favourite holidays.

It was fun being disconnected but I’m excited to be back and jump right into things. We spent the past day in Napa relaxing before the new year but now we are back in San Francisco and ready to get the ball rolling!

I hope everyone had a lovely holiday & I encourage you to think small. Write down your big goals and figure out what action items would be a fun little resolution. It really helps set up for success one step at a time & before you know it, that big goal is only one step away. Feel free to share yours here too! We are all in it together!

Happy 2019 everyone!!

x sls

{ photo via Lily Wolfe Photography }

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