shannon silver of essellesse talks what she is packing for new york city!

New Yorkkkkkk!

To say I’m stoked for our flight tomorrow is an understatement. I LOVE New York City & glad to be spending some time there over the next week. Also, if we’re being completely honest, I can use some time away. I was originally going to do this trip solo but now Erik is coming & I am THRILLED to have him there with me.

Generally our trips can be pretty last second, but this one I’ve known for quite some time… I’m attending the Fohr Conference!

So this has been on my calendar for a bit… & I’ve been mentally packing for months!

I have a lot of friends to see {so many live out there these days!}, date nights to be had with Erik, &  a conference to attend so I want to look NY chic.

I’ll also be vlogging there so I need to make sure I’m fully equipped for that.

Basically, Erik wants to kill me everytime we travel because I don’t have a roller bag…. I make him carry my two carry-ons: a duffel & a garmet bag, every.single.time.

SO- one I’m in the market for a good rolling bag & two, I try to keep things a little compact. That’s always my MO for packing. I try to avoid taking too much as much as I can or else my relationship depends on it 😉

All jokes aside, I’ve gotten pretty good at packing for trips, no matter the duration. Everything sounds like a lot, but the skincare & cosmetics fit in one big glossier pink bag & I keep the clothing to the bare basics.

Now let’s go through the method to my madness, shall we?

SO: this is what I’m bringing to NY & why!


First things first, I think of the colour palette I want to represent. Basically, this is how my instagrams will be looking for the next week or so & I can plan many looks off of 1-2 outfits.

The colour scheme for this trip is navy blue, blood red, & ivory.

idk why, I’m just majorly feeling it for Fall – I love how it looks together – not to mention, all I need is 1-2 pairs MAX of denim to complete!

The blazer is key because you can dress up ANY look with it. This also keeps enough room in my bag in case I do some extra shopping in NY. Below are the staples I’m bringing and I’ll pack an extra sweater, tee, or mockneck or two.  Luckily, the weather there is very similar to here right now so no huge coats necessary!

Staples are:

navy blue blazer {just got a chic vintage one on Friday that I’m bringin!}

crimson turtleneck sweater {the one I’m wearing here to be exact}

ivory mockneck {this is my current fav – it’s so soft & flattering}

button fly cigarette jeans {fav fit!!}

white shoes {i like oxfords & the everlane day heel}


Since I know the majority of what I am wearing is a certain colour scheme, I know exactly what makeup to back for that.

Think pale nudes, browns, & berry tones. My makeup bag is now streamlined & I can even type out EVERY product I will be bringing right now:

Beauty brings

Lawless Woke Up Like This Foundation {fav foundation: dewy finish & a little goes a LONG way, I’m the shade: sunrise}

Laura Mercier Radiance Primer {really adds to the dewiness! Very pretty on its own too}

Nars Orgasm Liquid Blush {i dont wear powders and the colour to this is perfect}

Milk Makeup Lit Highlighter {i love this bc it makes your skin look glassy!}

Dior Rouge 999 {the best red on the planet – I like the satin finish}

Dior Lip Glow in Berry {OBSESSED w this product & this colour is perf for Fall}

Charlotte Tilbury Kim KW Lipstick {stunning nude! I love it with a cat eye}

Charlotte Tilbury Birkin Brown Lipstick {NEW & CURRENT FAV – SO DAMN GOOD. the perfect mix between red & brown – wearing it here}

L’Oreal Voluminous Smoldering Eyeliner in Brown {my go to since 2012 back in Dallas, back in the day I liked black but now I prefer brown! I find it makes blue eyes bluer}

Glossier Lash Slick {also bringing Heroine Make for a few photoshoots while there}

Milk Kush Brow {like this but tbh I wish I got the clear one instead of brunette!}

This is everything I could need for the next week or so for a variety of looks! Also, since I’m only bringing the staples, it can change up the looks as I rotate through the clothes.

If you have any questions on the products, let me know in the comments but these are some of my ALL TIME FAVE makeup products.


So everything I bring, I make sure it fits the sizing so I don’t have to check anything. First things first: masks for the plane. These are a game changer! I am bringing 2 masks: my Summer Fridays Jet Lag Mask to use in the hotel & Glow Watermelon Jelly mask for my in flight skincare.

Everything else: ByTerry Baume de Rose {BEST LIP PRODUCT I’VE EVER USED CANT LIVE WITHOUT}, HadaLabo Anti-Aging Serum, Glossier Rich moisturizer {this is my night moisturizer but I’m going to use it for day & night while in NY}.

Right now, I’m using and LOVING the iSClinical Face Wash, seriously, I’m obsessed and I’m trying to convince Erik to start using it for himself! It’s pricey but legit THE BEST FACE WASH I HAVE EVER USED. However, I’m not bringing it… Since I’ll be there for a while {14+ face washes!}, I went ahead and picked up a travel size of Kate Somerville Exfolikate Wash at Sephora yesterday.

I like to mix up my skin care every now and then so my skin doesn’t get tooooo used to it’s routine, you know?

It’s a fun way to try new products without committing to them, I can discard them in NY since I will use them up, & I feel like it makes my products at home work even better when I get home. Who knows if it’s true or not but it’s something I personally have noticed. Also, who knows, I might just find a new holy grail product!

Same thing with toner. I’m using a Japanese one I LOVE but it’s my most used product {4x a day}. Not to mention, it’s in a HUGE bottle. I’ll easily go through a small one while there so I picked up Cuadalie Beauty Elixir for the trip {& whatever is left, I’ll take with me on my next trip}. I’ve been wanting to try it but also love that it’s a spray bottle so I don’t have to bring any cotton pads. Not to mention, it’s super easy to travel with!

my journal!

I mentioned yesterday that I started keeping a bullet journal. This is the one I have & love. It’s basically my calendar. Sure, I have it online but I have it written out, as well. Not only is the act of writing for it therapeutic, but it keeps me on track & sane.

Before leaving, I made the following lists:

Restaurants to check out in NYC, instagrammable spots {just being honest!}, desserts to get, best bars, shopping, neighborhoods, things to do, & more.

It’s like a one stop shop of reccs so I don’t have to scramble at the last second to figure out where to go or wtf to even do.

Also, I do have some work to tend to, so I have those times explicitly carved out, down to what to wear & what time to be where.

It’s an extra step to staying organized but also part therapy. I’ll also pack some cute Gelly Rolls to keep the pages to theme too 😉

Also, while I’m there, I’ll jot down a travel diary, this helps me with future posts for the blog… not to mention, it’s fun to reflect on with Erik – we write them together: he speaks, I write.

Again, I can’t recc journaling enough, it’s something that has done wonders for my mind.

Last but not least: camera stuff & instagram!!

Time to vlog! My vlogging camera will be my bff on this trip! I also recently started using it as a camera inspired by my friend, Colette. LOVE a multitasker camera. It makes things so easy and this camera is just so damn smart. If you’re in the market for a good camera, I can’t recc this one enough: it’s called the Canon G7x Powershot II & out of all of our cameras, it’s my fav & what many youtubers use, as well.

I recently bought this tripod, so it will be a must for vlogging on the go or propping up my phone for some IGTV or selfies. It also came with a remote which I’ll bring as well.

Finally, my point & shoot film camera. I LOVE THIS CAMERA. For reference: I have the Olympus Stylus mju-ii & I got mine off of eBay!

I strongly believe that these pictures just turn out better since you only get one take. Not only does it keep me off the phone, but the pictures always turn out so fun! I’ll be bringing this & three rolls of film {this & this}. This camera will come with on date nights {we’ve been going phone free}, nights out with friends, & I have a fun shoot while I’m there so I’ll give it to the photographer to catch some dope shots on film.

Okay now are you ready for this? This is where I get prettttty psychotic but… I create VSCO filters for the trip ahead of time & tweak them once I get there and can really feel the vibe.

I do this with every trip, have you noticed? Since I know my colour scheme & I have some photos from this time of year in NY from last year & the year before, I go ahead and create filters to capture the vibe I want.

My at home in California vibe changes with the seasons but for the most part is pastel, warm, faded, with heavy blues & muted highlights. Kinda retro California? So I need it to be different. For reference, my Tokyo filter was technicolour – BRIGHT colours, cool with pink & blue tints {see here, here, here}. Half Moon Bay was a variation of my California filter: a bit warmer, a bit more faded & dreamier, with green tints & highlights {see here, here, here}. Key West was bright neon pastels {see here, here, here}. New York, I want moody, faded, & filmlike but still with my signature nostalgic vibe. How psycho am I? Don’t answer that 🙂

& that’s all she wrote! What are your packing essentials?

Again, I know this sounds like a LOT but everything fits in my duffel & I have the garment bag for things like the blazer & nicer items to keep them from getting wrinkled.

Everything is totally streamlined & ready to go!

One last thing before I go: any NYC reccs? Let me know!

xoxo SLS


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