The Champagne Edit :: VSCO & YouTube!

Happy Friday!

I don’t know about you, but this has been one LONG week. I am very much looking forward to the weekend.

As mentioned, I’ll start posting regular VSCO recipes bi weekly. In my instagram story right now, I have a ton of examples of what to expect so give it a watch at @shannonsilver before it disappears!

Basically, they were extremely helpful as I curated my aesthetic on Instagram. It also helped me understand what filter did what and what types of photos they look best on. That said, if there’s every anything you want to see, let me know!

I’m talking get as specific as you want. If there’s a style you see you want to emulate, a certain filter you want to use, a vibe you are going through or even the details on one of my pictures, let me know. I will make it happen!

My goal is to use every single filter. I’ll start with the free ones and then go into the paid ones. Hopefully it will be helpful if you’re deciding on paying for one or not.

I have VSCO X and every single filter so I’m more than happy to share it and let you know what’s worth it. To be frank, the reason why I have VSCO X is to have access to all the V-series filters vs the 4 with regular VSCO. They are my FAVOURITE so I am excited to play with those more.

Follow #champagnefilters on Instagram to get them instantly to your ‘gram!

<< download VSCO :: APPLE || ANDROID >>

Other than that, I finally started a YouTube channel! YAY! It’s very bare right now but come the end of the year and all of 2018 get ready for video!! Subscribe here

As far as the weekend, we are going to the Allah-Lah’s concert tonight if I can hang then it’s fleeky fleet week! Erik & I are grilling and having a private rooftop party… of two. Our favourite kind of party 🙂 he is off to London for the week so all day on Sunday I am dedicating to content.

I have a ton of recipes {bring on the pumpkin spice!}, a fun as fuck DIY {lol seriously tho!}, & more to shoot so I’m excited.  My Halloween costume will be in next week too so I’ll give a sneak peek on the blog. It’s SUPER EASY and one you can do at the last minute too so get ready!

What are you up to this weekend? See ya on the blog & gram mañana! Follow along here :: @shannonsilver


As soon as October hit, I am craving all things warm and cozy in the kitchen. Heavier & heartier soups and stews are a must. Basically everything in this is everything I could ever want in a soup & to make it even better? You can easily whip it up during the week!


While we’re on the rooftop for fleet week, we’ll be cherishing the last of summer {October is SF’s summer} with this watermelon rosé recipe from Lauryn! What I love about her recipe is that there is NO BOILING, it’s sweetened naturally by the watermelon, & makes the most perfect pink colour for the instagrams. A win ALL around!


It’s the end of an era! AOL Instant Messenger is officially going away in December. It’s always fun to get nostalgic with it. It was a huge part of my life growing up but also crazy to see it in whole from beginning to end. In fact, the AIM throwback has a presence here on the blog, from my “buddy list” aka my mailing list – check the envelope in the top menu! – to my blog announcement on Instagram. Check it here, here, & here for some nostalgic vibes!  What was your screen name?


I love a good Tweed moment – it’s such a throwback fabric and I loooove me a good tb. Right now, Express is having a super sick 40% off sale so this baby is only $80. **adds to cart** I am loving the idea of this over a velour hoodie – like this one that’s also on sale – and some skinny ripped jeans and loafers. Not to mention, the retro menswear style is IN {another 80s gem} & I am INTO IT. How would you style it?


I first got into Tchami almost immediately after moving to San Francisco. I stumbled upon him on soundcloud in 2013 and became obsessed with him. I don’t know how to explain it but he has a very distinct style. The second I hear one of his songs, I just know it’s him. Zeal is no exception and takes me right back to 2013 & all the car rides back and forth from Healdsburg! “Zeal” is a mix of magic, house, a kiss of a tropical vibe & honestly, just amazingly produced. It will make you feel a certain way, I promise.








  • thank g san francisco is such a photogenic city bc i have no idea what i’m doing w my film camera lol 👩🏻‍🔬 #slssf
  • had a blast at the @skyyvodka pool party this weekend 🌴🍉💦 but now my social quota for the month is used up so back to work 📠 #introvertlife #proudlyamerican #skyyvodka #borninsf
  • ready for the weekend & thinking of sewing some shoulder pads in this shirt... but first I guess I gotta learn how to sew? ⚜️ #slsootd #80sstyle
  • One of my fav sweatshirts from Harajuku 🎀 cute right?! 💕 Also answered a ton of questions in my story if you wanna take a gander: fitness, instagram, blogging realness, & more 💬 #slsootd #harajuku #imissjapan
  • it’s been a hot minute but back at it with the #winewednesday 🍷 this wine we got a few cases of after a sick deal at @btlbarn & it has been a favourite go to red of ours. Whenever we don’t know wtf to drink, this red blend is what we’ve been opening and it’s never failed us.
@ROTHWINES 2015 HERITAGE RED, SONOMA COUNTY, CALIFORNIA {$25ish} :: not only do we love this wine, but it’s one we’d give to guests {big fan of party favours for all guests over here} and they all loved it too! Super juicy & ripe with robust tannins! It’s a blend of 51% Syrah with some Petite Sirah, Zin, Cab, Merlot, Malbec, & Petite Verdot. Bold AF with leather, tobacco, juicy berries, & black pepper and those sexy tannins lend a nice velvety mouthfeel.
We’ve been enjoying it outside with the grill! We’ve had it with grilled steaks, burgers, & even grilled pizza! It would go awesome with some lamb or charcuterie too.
We got ours at Bottle Barn in Santa Rosa! Def give it a taste if you see it at your local wine shop. Any go to reds you’re digging these days?! LMK! x ❤️ #trustmeimasomm
  • Talking BRAZILIAN SKINCARE on the blog! I interviewed the founder of @brzlnskin to share all the secrets {& we touch briefly on Botox too which you guys know I’m not a huge fan of}. Check it out on SLS 🌟link in bio! PS - the BRATOXINSTA serum is lifechanging! Thanks so much for sending it to me, @brzlnskin ✨ #skincare #antiaging #ontheblog
  • this @dior blazer from the 1980s is easily my fav thing in my closet rn ⚜️ I’m selling the skirt it came w for super inexpensive since I never wear skirts. All the info/pics are in my stories! 💸 #dior #80sfashion #slsootd

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