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Happy Friday!

Not only is it Friday, but it’s the Friday before Halloween! I actually have very big plans for tonight. I am seeing The Magician with a few of his very special guests…. one of them being The Aston Shuffle.

By now, you guys are WELL AWARE on my love for The Magician. Seriously though, he is phenomenal. It was love at first listen. When I first moved to San Francisco a little over three years ago, I got acquainted with his Magic Tapes & was hooked. Magic Tape 35 (loooove the Magic Carpet Ride) was the first one I’ve heard and I’ve followed every single one since religiously.

Like clockwork, there’s always a few songs that will stick out and stop me in my tracks. Well, I obviously wasn’t alone because he then made his record label – Potion Records.

…And damn is it good.

Well, enter Magic Tape 56. Not only is the whole tape fire, but a certain track made me those kinda feelings… High With You by The Aston Shuffle.


The Aston Shuffle

High With You by Aston Shuffle is atually a song that’s really special to me. I was hooked last year and as I made my playlists for Australia, this was the one to to commence it all. You know how some songs really transport you to a place and time? Well this one takes me right to Australia & Byron Bay with Erik.

I remember sitting on the plane, sipping a little champagne getting ready to take off, and having this come on. It really set the tone to the three weeks ahead. I remember putting it on as I would get ready to hit the beach with E, or get ready for a sexy dinner or something there. This song does it for me instantly, especially with the intro.

Anyways, speaking of Australia, The Aston Shuffle is an Australian Producer / DJ duo of Vance Musgrove & Mikah Freeman. Kinda cool because the Magician found them via Soundcloud and signed them on to Potion. They have an impressive resume: were regulars with Ministry of Sound, remixed the likes of Claude Von Stroke, Calvin Harris / Dizzee Rascal, Empire of the Sun, and London Grammar. Every week, they host the triple j Friday Night Shuffle that brings in millions of listeners. You def want to keep an eye on this duo

High With You is a rad house jam that will just transport you to somewhere magical. House Music is their specialty and passion, and they do it damn well. An FG at it’s finest, in my book.

If you like this track, be sure to check out Only 1! 100% sick.

Well, Mr. Magician & The Aston Shuffle, I been waiting here all night to get high with you – see you tonight!

Happy Halloween weekend, y’all

x Shannon


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