About essellesse:

essellesse is a totally rad lifestyle platform focusing on everything that’s important to a free girl in her 20s and 30s – great food, wine, travel, vintage style, fitness and skincare.  essellesse evokes a style of lazy luxury that’s fun, intimate, and healthy.

About me:

Hi, I’m Shannon Silver, the creator of essellesse- a totally rad lifestyle platform to empower other women like me to live their best selves!  Originally from Houston, TX, I moved to California five years ago to pursue my passions for food, wine {I’m a Certified Sommelier!}, and healthy living.  After working in the hospitality industry for ten years ranging from wine, restaurants, & events, I entered the investment banking and startup world, where I realized that every girl could use some help balancing a full-time career, her physical and emotional health, and her natural drive to come up with creative and healthy ways to entertain for those most important to her – herself, her partner and close friends.

My creative journey began with an impulse to adapt the skills I learned as a professional in the hospitality industry to a more intimate setting that’s so often overlooked – Entertaining for Two!  Whether it involves recipes and settings for a small group or ideas for an intimate getaway to places near or far, my partner Erik and I have a great time seeking out the finer things.

Along the way, I fell in love with San Francisco, and want to be an ambassador to those who want to experience this great city and others on my short-list – recent trips and blog write-ups have focused on my love for Tokyo, Paris and Sonoma County.

Fashion changes with the seasons, but great style is timeless, and I’m forever digging the 80s.  You can read my love letter to the 80’s here, but it’s the one decade I truly resonate with.

Currently digging

Fav city: TOKYO! I’d move there tomorrow if I could

Skincare:  My favourite products are from Japan! I love the Hada Labo Hyaluronic Acid line.

Food: Steak & a wedge salad! It’s the easiest thing in the world to prepare and can be on the table in less than 15 mins

Drink: Single Malt & right now I’m having a major New Zealand Sauvignon Blanc moment

Aesthetic: 80s Wall Street & Cruel Intentions is my vibe for Fall!

Best Vintage Score: it’s a tie! Both from the 80’s but a Giorgio Armani suit & Christian Dior suit from The Lovely Boutique in Orlando

Fav SF Restaurant: Zuni Cafe

Fav Texas Restaurant: Tei-An in Dallas

Movie: American Psycho

Random Fun Facts!

Tokyo is my favourite place in the world & Erik and I are currently taking Japanese lessons!

I lived in Texas for 27 years! I was born & raised in Houston & moved to Dallas after I graduated college.

I’m obsessed with Daft Punk. They are my biggest inspiration to this day.

Vanilla is my favourite flavour & scent! I think it is one of the most complex flavours out there.

Mocknecks are my favourite neckline! I think they are so flattering on everyone.

I am obsessed with the 80’s, 90’s, & y2k – they are by far my most favourite decades, with the 80’s being my fave.

I rescued my black cat, Lucy {aka fleekaleek aka bass} in 2010 when she was 4 weeks old & she is one of my best friends in the world… dead serious

My favourite emoji is 👾

If I didn’t live in San Francisco, I’d live in LA & will probably move there in the next few years. It’s always been a second home to me!

Quickfire Q&A

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How do you edit your photos?

Check out these posts! It has all the information

Is blogging your full time job?

Yes – read my story here

What camera do you use?

I rotate between my iPhone 7+, Canon, Canon for upcoming vlogs & an Olympus point & shoot! See here for all my blog resources.

Any tips on starting a blog?

Be unique, be consistent, be patient & don’t neglect your blog {your platform} for instagram {someone else’s platform}. Read more blogging tips here.

How do I know what posts are sponsored?

All sponsorships will be those that are a mutual brand match. Everything sponsored on instagram will specify {hashtags are generally #sponsored or #ad} or at the end of the blog post, I’ll specify. If something is ever not specified, that means it was not sponsored.

Where did you go to school & what did you study?

University of Houston & I studied hospitality management with my area of emphasis being catering & events. In 2007, I started my Sommelier studies & achieved my certification in August 2011.

Where can I find more?!

Follow @shannonsilver on instagram! If you’d like to shop my brand, follow @esselllesse! My youtube channel is launching this fall! Be the first in the know here. I’m also VERY active on Spotify – it’s probably one of my favourite outlets. Follow me here & get grooving!



  • post barre prosecco 🥂✨ I would say to start the holiday birthday weekend but tbh I do this every Friday 🤸🏻‍♀️ #tgiff #slssf #slsootd
  • MY BIRTHDAY IS MAY 28 so here’s everything I’m bringing with me to my birthday vacation! 🎈
⚜️ details on the swim here: https://essellesse.com/2019-birthday-suits/
⚜️ what I’m wearing {clothes and makeup} here: https://essellesse.com/may-23-2019
sorry the musics loud, I tried re-recording but it’s ok bc nothing I’m saying is really that important lol
Lazy Luxury playlist: bit.ly/slsbirthday
🎼: Love Like This - The Establishment
brands shown/wearing: @express @depop @somethingnavy @nordstrom @makebeauty @ patmcgrathreal @brandymelvilleusa @gooseberry.seaside @amazonfashion {via @colette.prime}
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  • *literally one day in learning katakana*:
me: **buys this sweatshirt**
if you wanna know what it says go to essellesse.com 💱 #slsootd #brandyusa #brandymelville #katakana #learningjapanese
  • i bought this lipstick because I saw @alexachung wearing it 💋 #influenced #slsootd #shiseido
  • I’ve lived in SF for like 6 years and this is my first Pliny lol 🍻 #plinytheelder #slsootd
  • old world vs new world wine tasting 🍷 the gigondas was my fav #happymonday ⚜️ #slswine #winetasting #gigondas #wine #slsootd
  • drizzly pre-dinner walks to l’ocean pacifique 🌧 tonight he’s grilling steaks & I’m making a maitake rosemary asiago risotto 👅✨ #ssootd #slssf #sanfrancisco #pacificocean #momentswithsunday

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