No Vampires Allowed! Why you should be eating raw garlic & 5 ways to do it!


I LOVE the stuff. Seriously. The more the better for me. I don’t really have a sweet tooth, but savoury? That’s a whole ‘nother story.

I’m also nucking futs.

I eat raw cloves of garlic all the time. Before you x out, hear me out.

Raw garlic is one of the healthiest things you can possibly eat. It also happens to taste amazing!

Why am I obsessed?

Ok so garlic is full of vital nutrients, amino acids, & antioxidants. One of them being the amino acid Allicin, which is deactivated when cooked. This is what lends garlic it’s smell but has a tonnnnn of heath benefits including: improved circulation, blood pressure, & other caridovascular benefits. Read more here

Do note, allicin is only activated when cut or smash so chop chop before you pop it or use it! I always smash garlic anyways as it releases all the flavours!

It also contains taurine & lipoic acid which helps rebuild collagen… UM YES PLEASE. If you are a vegetarian, this is a great supplement to enhance collagen production – aka the best anti-aging tip!

Other benefits of garlic include: lower blood pressure, aid in weight loss, a great source of vitamins & minerals, fight the common cold, improves cholesterol, full of antioxidants, improves bone health… all while being delicious af. {source}

all right all right all right

if you like garlic, but aren’t too keen on popping garlic cloves in your mouth like candy, have no fear, here are my 5 top raw garlic recipes:

ONE }: A Checca Sauce

This is one of my favourite tips & I’ll do a full blown post on this very soon. A checca sauce is an uncooked sauce that is perfect for a spring pasta or zoodles. It generally uses uncooked tomatoes, basil, garlic, s&p, & olive oil mixed in a food processor or blender until coarsely chopped. When I do mine, I sub the greens with spinach & kale & if I’m feeling really frisky, I throw in 2 garlic cloves. I love this recipe by Giada too.

TWO }: The Best Damn Vinaigrette

Mixed with an acid, olive oil, & spices – minced or grated garlic is super easy to eat raw on a salad. I love this vinaigrette on a greek style salad, especially a traditional one without lettuce like this one. If you want a creamier salad, add kefir or greek yogurt to the acid + oil + spice mix. The fat from both the dairy & the olive oil will also tone down the sharpness of the garlic.

THREE }: My favourite cooking tip – Gremotata

Ok y’all know I am obsessed with gremolata. It’s the easiest way to elevate your cooking! Try this swirled in soups, mixed with some quinoa, or tossed in some pasta. It makes for a great sandwich spread too. The options are seriously endless & this is a weekly staple in my book… not to mention it takes 5 seconds to whip up.

FOUR }: Garlic Compounded Butter

So a compound butter is just softened butter whipped with herbs, then rolled & in the fridge til firm – see more here in depth. Toss this baby on some toasty crusted bread or mixed in mashed potatoes. If you want to add some extra health benefits, toss in some shredded lettuce… or better yet, make my greenz {aka my first blog post aka garlic + kale + garlic until coarse in the food processor} and mix THAT in the butter. YES PLS.

FIVE }: Guacamole!!!

Okay so this is one of my favourite secrets but I love to sex up a traditional guacamole. In fact, here’s my go to recipe for guac for 2 {and yes, it’s extra 😉 }: 2 chopped avocados, 1 chopped tomato, 1/2 small chopped onion, a handful of chopped kale & a handful of chopped spinach, 1 small serrano pepper minced WITH the seeds {you can use jalapeño if too spicy or derib & deseed it – the heat is from the seeds}, 1 minced garlic clove, pink salt, pepper, juice of one lime & a KISS of tequila all combined. If you really want to make me proud, throw in some hemp hearts, why dontcha?

If you’re like Erik & just cannot for the life of you even do garlic, I recommend these supplements… odor & taste free!

As far as to mask the dreaded aftermath breath… ah beauty is pain. But some things that will help is drinking milk afterwards {similar to how it helps with spicy foods}, eating apples with lemon juice &/or green tea brewed with peppermint leaves & lemon juice. The lemon juice will help neutralize!

Ok sold yet? Are you a garlic fiend like me?? If so, lmk other ways to use garlic!! Always looking for some fun but easy recipes 😉

On another note, Erik & I are off to LA tomorrow since he is speaking at USC {any excuse for an LA weekend is good for me}. Any fun places we must check out? tell, tell!

great chat, xx Shannon



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