My Mid-Year Resolution :: Putting the Social in SOCIAL Media

Happy Wednesday!

We are back from Palm Springs and oh me oh my am I struggling. I am def dealing with the post-vaca hangover blues & really having pool withdrawals. Let’s just say getting back to SF from Palm Springs was a 60 degree difference. ** insert wide eyed gulping emoji **

Anyways let’s dive right in, shall we? I have something fun I want to talk about.

I talked resolutions here, but I have a new one that I really started working on & encouraging that I figured I’d share with you. Since we are 6 months in, let’s just call it a mid year resolution.

Anyways, my mid year resolution may sound a bit obv but it’s something I really needed to work on.

Be more social on social media!

Easy right? Well… um… not really.

I’ll admit, on instagram, I’m active…. on my account. I post daily, have an aesthetic that takes me 5 apps to create {think glitchy, saturated, faded, hazy}, & I am very in particular as to what i post.

However… I’ve been a bit of a wallflower & only focused on my account.

Sure, I follow people, like their pictures, and comment every now and then… but I haven’t been as engaging as I’d like or need to be.

I’ll get a little vulnerable here, but one thing about me is that I am extremely introverted, have full on social anxiety {I can talk more about this in full in a post if you want} & I am intimidated by rejection. Also, one of my BIGGEST PET PEEVES IN THE WORLD is when people do not text me back. What does this have to do with anything?


I found I was not really truly engaging with everyone. I’d creep on their stories, but I wouldn’t respond to them. Or I’d like a picture, but I wouldn’t comment. At some times, I’d maybe even get a little too concerned with those pesky ass numbers.

Either way, I wasn’t being social on social media.

I’d also get scared to get out there. What if I messaged someone after watching their story & I got no response? Well, after thinking about it… that’s literally the worst that can happen. Sure, it’s annoying {like the texts lol} but no harm, no foul.

I also noticed I was getting a lot of engagement from my stories. People would message me & I’ll admit, it gave {& still does give} me warm fuzzies.

Well, a few weeks ago, I decided I wanted & needed to return the favour and give back those warm fuzzies & orange hearts. I’ve been more active on Instagram {& my blog comments} than ever & it has been INSANELY rewarding.

In fact, I LOVE engaging with other bloggers & instagrammers  I’ve even commented on accounts that seemed so unattainable… and have gotten responses! I’ve even gotten some future collabs from it  by DMing people who’s work I admire & giving them the warm fuzzies {with nothing expected in return, swear}.

Seriously. Let me reiterate that.

I’ve gotten future partnerships from literally just being warm, engaging, & social.

It gets a little deeper than just being social, you have the be GENUINELY social. I’m done with the generic comments. I make sure everything I comment on is genuine & they are always things that catch my attention.

ANYWAYS, it has really opened my eyes the powers of being social on social media after about 2 years of being just an instagram wallflower.

& to be honest? It’s made instagram so, so, so much more fun & far less stressful!

If you’re on Instagram and you see a blogger you like post something, leave them some love! I promise they will notice. If they are posting a story that catches your eye, shoot them a message. The worst they can do is not respond. {ps – the only times I don’t respond/accept are to rando dudes with creepy DMs #boybye}

SO – all in all, my mid year resolution is to be far more social.

The best part about blogging & engaging in social media is about connecting with people through a computer or phone. That is seriously mind-blowing to me & can lead to future friendships and relationships.

Don’t worry about the numbers, worry about the social interactions & live by the cyber golden rule :: treat others online the way you want to be treated… it will never fail ya.

What goes around comes around, I promise.

Sure you may get a few followers out of it, but more importantly, some new friends & you are slowly but surely cultivating a community – THAT is what matters. And it sure makes Instagram & social media a hell of a lot more fun vs stressful.

All right, that’s all I got! Time to go send my instalove to fellow ‘grammers 🙂

What are your thoughts? Are you feeling the whole mid-year resolution thing?? What about Instagram? Let’s hear it!

♡♡♡ thank you all for the birthday wishes ♡♡♡


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