CHILL WITH ME: my Sunset Playlist

San Francisco based lifestyle blogger, shannon silver of essellesse, shares her sunset playlist on spotify!

{ sunset at the One & Only Resort in Cabo }

If you follow me on Instagram, it’s no secret that I love my sunsets.

It is something I look forward to everyday and something that is basically insta-xanax for me.

In fact, when Erik asked me where I wanted to go for my birthday this year, I told him anywhere we can watch the sunset over the water in California. That’s all I ever really want.

It’s a nightly ritual that I take VERY seriously. In fact, right at 4:30, it’s my favourite style light – that bright  afternoon white RIGHT before the sun gets ready to set. I shoot my blog & instagram content until about 7:00p or so. Then, I pour myself a drink {scotch or wine}, put on some music, & go outside: either a roof, my old fire escape, & lately? Our new private rooftop patio.

THEN- I spend the next hour watching the sun go down. Sometimes I take my phone with me and get some work done, sometimes just a magazine or book, sometimes I bring my journal & gelly rolls {throwback!!!!}, & sometimes all I need is just my glass and a good strain. But this music is on. ALWAYS.

Erik Schuchard at Likuliku Resort in Fiji at Sunset - be sure to check out my totally rad sunset playlist!

Lifestyle blogger, Shannon Silver, & her boyfriend Erik Schuchard in Fiji at sunset, likuliku lagoon resort - be sure to check out my totally rad sunset playlist for all the right vibes!

{ us at sunset in Fiji }

It’s a time that’s very special to me &  I never take any sunset for granted. It’s something that brings me a lot of peace and joy.

I’ve been working on my sunset vibe playlist on Spotify and it’s finally ready to share!! Think chill, feel good songs, with a catchy vibe that’s easy to get lost to. Sexy synths with a tropical touch and a slight nostalgic feel.

Think: RÜFÜS DU SOL, JackLNDN, Satin Jackets, Kygo, Lane 8, Nora En Pure {she is SO good}, Classixx, Goldroom & more, more, MORE.

essellesse sunset vibes playlist

listen on Spotify here

I love this playlist both for winding down the evening or to have on in the background while I work if I’m feeling a more chill vibe {I have another “work” playlist that’s a little different – I’ll post it soon!}. In fact, once the sun is done & set, Erik and I keep this on throughout the night. The new place has a fireplace which is BEYOND dope and adds to the vibe & we have currently been working on a 2000 piece {!} puzzle that we are just finishing up.. This playlist + Erik + a good game or puzzle + a good drink + a fire place is legit my dreammmmm situation.

It totally sets the mood right & I think you will really dig it! I’m also VERY active on Spotify & constantly adding new playlists so follow me for more. PS – nothing is in any particular order, I always have mine on shuffle so it’s a new vibe each time!

Lifestyle blogger Shannon Silver's favourite sunset - private beach in Half MOon Bay. Be sure to check out my totally rad sunset playlist!

 { one of my fav photos ever of one of my fav sunsets ever in Half Moon Bay }

Anyways, I hope you love!! On another note, I’m trying this whole taking weekends off COMPLETELY on social media. It’s a weird feeling but I’m kinda addicted to it? We’ll see how long this whole thing lasts.

Ok g2g make dinner {chicken stir fry & trying my hand at hibachi fried rice!} but last question: any songs you are digging lately? I’m always looking for new music! LMK




San Francisco's MArina District at Sunset - be sure to check out Shannon Silver's sunset playlist!



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