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Now, if you’ve been following me, especially on Insta or Snap, one thing is for sure…. I have EXTREMELY long hair.

I’ve always have been a long hair girl minus my Victoria Beckham moment in 2007. Pretty much, I was (& still am) obsessed with Victoria Beckham so when she dyed her hair platinum and cut it, I had to follow suit. I went platinum (not exaggerating) and then sat down in the chair to get it cut.

My hairdresser, who was a family friend & knew me pretty well asked if I was absolutely sure I wanted to do it. I said YES OF COURSE. And she was righteously not convinced.

Pretty much, she told me she was going to cut it to my shoulders and if I want to commit to the short pixie, we can go from there. Done deal…. until she cut it to my shoulders and I def told her that’s as short as I can go.

Ever since then, I’ve been big on growing it & MUCH prefer myself as a brunette.

{ Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler // Champagne at Shannon's }

By now, it’s about down to my waist. I am probably every hairdresser’s nightmare, but I only get it cut once a year. To be real, I don’t mind split ends (I think it adds texture), and I take VERY good care of it.

Pretty much, I wash it sparingly (this varies – as much as every other day depending on what I’m doing and if it’s a chill week, I try for as little as 1-2x a week). The benefits on this are endless for long hair. I do a coconut oil mask monthly, I use very little products on it (just a lil dilo oil), I use an anti-aging silk pillowcase at home, and I am very in particular to how to heat style my hair. Also, lmk if you want a post on full-blown long hair care.

Pretty much, if I am going to heat style my hair, I need the iron to be as beneficial as it can to my hair.

I was immediately intrigued when I was introduced to Irresistible Me’s Diamond Hair Styler.

{ Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler // Champagne at Shannon's }

Irresistible Me is a premier line of extensions but they also have styling irons that are made with long hair in mind, whether au naturale or with extentions.

In fact, you  might already be familiar with their state of the art steam curling iron (which is also on my list when it is back in stock). Anyone knows how brutally long it takes to curl long hair, so this speeds up the process.

Anyways, back to the styling iron.

Before I committed to it, I did my homework.

I’ve always – half-jokingly – have said that my hair is my best feature, so I wanted to make sure before I used it that it would be a good investment for my hair when I wanted to style it.

Well, the reviews were positively glowing! Seriously, everyone with either extentions or natural hair was raving about it so I was sold & committed to it.

I also want to note that I’ve been using it for weeks now.

Before I put anything on the blog, I want to make sure it was something I could really stand behind. Pretty much, I needed it to do the job and do the job not great but incredible. I needed to make sure my hair looked and felt great, and I needed to make sure it was a product that I would be happy to have my name behind.

Well it passed all 3 with flying colours.

I should also mention that I have naturally long, straight-ish, thick hair with a lot of texture for any comparison. I also use the iron at 250-300 degrees for straightening and 350 for curling.

{ Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler // Champagne at Shannon's }

Let’s talk first impressions.

The shipping was lightning fast. Seriously, I got mine within 3 business days. The packaging was fantastic, as well. It came in a sturdy (but chic!) black, magnetic box. This makes it so easy to throw in your bag for traveling without any worries.

The iron on it’s own is very sleek. Red with the black diamond infused plates.

When you plug it in, it glows green and you can adjust the heat to whatever you want it. I’ve seriously have never seen a styling tool heat up so fast! It will heat to your desired temperature in less than 30 seconds… I’d even go as far to say in less than 15 seconds. When you’re on a BUSY schedule, this makes all the difference. I like to plug it in, set the temperature, and then put on a heat protection product. By the time I finish, the iron is ready to go.

Not only is the design sleek, but extremely practical.

The cord is LONG (perfect for when you are traveling and outlets are not in convienent places), the buttons are on the inside (this is huge, because I’d always accidentally hit a button while styling in the past), and will shut itself off after 30 minutes of no use – aka no need to have to go home from work to completely check if you turned off your straightener – yes, this has happened not just to me but other colleagues.

{ Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler // Champagne at Shannon's }

 { Close-up – Note the thumb prints at the tips & above the green light showing where to hold. Super helpful for curling. }

Now, my favourite part of it?

When you are traveling internationally, it automatically senses the supplied voltage and changes the display to either Celsius or Fahrenheit. With the right converters and adapters, it can be used almost anywhere in the world.


When I was in Australia, my curling iron (which was honestly just ok & not inexpensive) from a very well known social media brand that I will not mention blew a fuse. Yeah, I could of read the instructions, but I figured from such an international feed, they could use other converters and I was dead wrong (TRUST YET VERIFY). It was strictly made for the US.

The fact that I can bring this anywhere with no worry is a major win for me & I  fully intend on bringing this to every vacation. Also, on an international note, I’m trying to convince my boyfriend to do Paris this year but he is not convinced – can y’all help me in the comments, fam?!

Now, all these seem like wins but wait! I haven’t even gotten into WHY this straightener!

{ Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler // Champagne at Shannon's }

Again, I am very in particular about my products, but this straightener seriously has long hair in mind.

Let’s start with the plates. They are 1″ ceramic, infused with tourmaline and coated with crushed diamonds. Not only does this sound luxurious, but it is much healthier for your hair than regular heat. Diamond has high thermal conductivity, so this allows for an even heat transfer through your hair. This makes your hair easier to work with and will hold styles longer. Read the benefits on ceramic & tourmaline plates here.

One thing that is VERY important for long hair, is that the plates are floating in the iron and self adjusts. This allows the iron to run through your hair effortlessly with no pulling. This is extremely important for long hair, because if you pull it, you can break it.

{ TIP:: when you are brushing your hair, start with the ends and work your way up.
You never want to force a brush through your hair. You will literally hear your hair break.
Start from the bottom and work your way up rather than from the root down.
For rougher messes, use a detangler. I also love using the Wet Brush in the shower with conditioner.


{ Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler // Champagne at Shannon's }

With all styling irons, 1″ heating width is my jam.

I find it extremely versatile for all hair lengths and styles. This iron also has cool ends with thumb prints so it’s extremely easy to use as a curling iron (will do a post on that next week).

In fact, this has been the only straightener that I’ve used where I was able to curl it. I’m a novice at this, so the fact that Irrisistable Me made it effortless for me (even with a book on how to), was greatly appreciated.

That said, my hair looked instantly shinier, smoother, and sleeker. I do have my share of split ends – it comes with the long hair territory, but when I use this, it’s as if they seal each other shut. My hair looks incredibly smooth after. Here are some before and after’s

Before ::

{ Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler // Champagne at Shannon's }

After ::

{ Irresistible Me Diamond Hair Styler // Champagne at Shannon's }

Also, used it to style here in New York ::

{ Champagne at the Boathouse, New York // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ New York City // Champagne at Shannon's }

Oh…. and the price! I didn’t mention it is affordable at $149 (most start at $199), but they are constantly having deals. Right now, it’s 30% off for Labor Day! holla!

As mentioned above, I’ll do a post on how to curl your hair with this iron in the next week or so – whenever I can convince Erik to take pictures of me doing it 😉

PS – might be worth mentioning, but make-up, I am literally wearing everything on this list. A good peek on to how it looks as just that!

Now what say you? Any hair care tips? Any input on how amazing Paris & France is so I can convince Erik to go there this year?!

+++ This post was in collaboration with Irresistible Me.

Shop the Diamond Styling Iron HERE
& my long hair care picks here::


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