It’s here!! INTRODUCING: essellesse – a totally rad shop

introducing essellesse • a totally rad shop! Shop lifestyle blogger Shannon Silver's closet in San Francisco, California!

I have been a busy girl over the past two weeks!

It’s no secret, I recently moved in with Erik & let’s just say… downsizing has been hard. I had three closets in my old studio {!!!!} & we moved into a place with only 2 closets for the two of us.

SO- I had to downsize. In May, I did a huge purge of everything that didn’t give me joy. Anything from Dallas, anything I didn’t wear, anything I outgrew… I got rid of via donation.

That said, there were a few things that were harder to purge. Items I once loved but no longer wore, designer items, or the worst: items I never wore {some even with tags}.

I figured I’d just sell them on Depop – which I still will do, btw – but I needed another outlet for people that would be easier. I also wanted to sell them directly since that’s the most cost effective for both parties. Not to mention, I’ve never sold on the app so it’s new territory to me.

I made an @esselllesse instagram which is basically my “brand” instagram. It’s where everything I sell will be on. Basically, I will post an item with the price & description & if you want to buy, you DM and I will invoice. As soon as the invoice is paid, it’s yours.

I also have an option to shop here within my blog!! SO- that’s what I’ve been working on over the past two months. Basically, turning things into an e-boutique where I can sell both clothes I retire as well as some thrifted finds & future products. To order, you can pay directly or comment / e-mail me!

To shop, it’s linked to Paypal for now so you will have to have a paypal account. This keeps things secure & not shady! & for the fine print: all items are final sale, no returns accepted.

Everything is priced super reasonably & I look forward to adding to it! Starting a little small right now but I will update it once a day M – F with a new item, same with the instagram & depop.

As far as shipping, I’m offering free shipping to my followers so be sure to follow both @shannonsilver & @essellesse & DM @esselllesse “followed”

If you have any questions at any time, or want to bundle items – please e-mail:

Hope you guys find some gems 🙂

Have a great weekend & happy shopping!


essellesse the shop info

on the blog :: essellesse the shop

on instagram :: @esselllesse

on depop :: shannonsilver




  • maybe it’s the New York speaking but I’m kinda digging an 80s Wall Street vibe for fall {three-martini lunches included} ⚡️🍸🏦 #slsnyc
  • house hunting in west village ⚜️ jk... or am I?  #nyloveyou #slsnyc
  • graduated from #fohru yesterday 🎓📃 I learned SO MUCH from the conference but here are my biggest takeaways - which applies so much more than just influencers and Instagram but really any field:
⚜️ give life back to your content & passions. Whatever your niche is, make it come alive. Tell your story & give it life. Don’t be a character, be yourself. What is the story you are telling about your life?
⚜️ to “influence”, you have to teach someone something. Work with what you know and have and your niche is what you are an expert in. Stay true to your craft!
⚜️ create timeless content. The internet is forever so create content that will still get hits years from now.
⚜️ organic content is SO MUCH MORE important than sponsored content. This is CRUCIAL.
⚜️ Be more than “just an influencer”. What can you provide others beyond an Instagram post? This can create opportunities you never thought was possible! Showcase your expertise & be dynamic.
⚜️ Collaborate, collaborate, COLLABORATE! Support likeminded influencers and grow your relationship. You will succeed together, create rad content along the way, & make lasting friendships {love you!}
⚜️ INSTAGRAM WILL DIE. This was written on a slide {wish I got a photo of that for the gram ha} but it will & sooner than you think. What is your plan beyond instagram?  Work on it NOW. Instagram is a {VERY} short game - play the long game to create sustainability.
⚜️ don’t worry about the numbers. Seriously, it’s dangerous to fret over follows & unfollows so take care of your mental health. I can’t tell you how many mega influencers and people behind brands said this: numbers don’t matter but who you are, the content you produce, your work ethic, and how you make people feel does.
⚜️finally, BE KIND & HUMBLE. I was in awe by how NICE everyone was, no matter how huge they are. Your numbers {which don’t matter!!} don’t make you better than anyone. Work hard, be nice, stay humble.
Lastly, I can’t recc the youtube series “A DRINK WITH JAMES” w @jamesnord enough. Really just a wealth of information on the influencer world. It will set you up for success. Anything else you wanna know, just ask!!
  • skipping school to take photos 🍎 jk I was actually in the front row, taking VERY attentive notes and being teachers pet 📓🐛all jokes aside, had a phenomenal time at the conference - feeling reinspired and energized - love the celebration of individualism and embracing what makes you YOU! ok now time for a drink or ten, any nyc reccs, let a sis know bc she thirsty af 🍸✨ #slsnyc #fohru
  • Off to the happy hour & navigating the subway solo, wish me luck! 🚇 Here’s my look: vintage @giorgioarmani men’s shirt {LOVE men’s clothing, so versatile and I can steal from Erik when I’m in a pinch} ⚜️ @everlane boyfriend jeans ⚜️ @casio_us calculator watch #slsootd #slsnyc
  • 📟 spotted in Manhattan, SLS checking into the Palace with some tall guy 📲 xoxo #slsnyc #nyloveyou
  • loving a retro brown lip for Fall, you?! 💋This one is BIRKIN BROWN by @ctilburymakeup & I absolutely love it! Not only is it inspired by Jane Birkin but there are some super flattering brick red tones to it. ⚜️ any other lipsticks I need to check out?! #birkinbrown

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