Looking to fight wrinkles while traveling? I gotcha covered!



Well, hello!

Man oh man do I have a treat for you.

Pretty much, let me ask you a few questions:

Are you looking to keep your skin youthful?

Do you travel often, often, girl you do it often?

Do you care about what goes into your skin care routine?

Do you want a product that works damn good?

Hopefully your answer was yes, yes, YAS, YAAAAAAS (kinda like this cat) because I have the solution.

Introducing: Hydropeptide & their On The Glow Anti-Wrinkle Travel Kit

Now, full disclaimer, this was sent to me but it is one of the best products I have ever used & both Erik & I have been raving about it since.


This is a new pernament addition to my skincare repetoire.


Pretty much, if you follow me, you know I travel often, some for work but mostly play. My boyfriend gets sent all over the place for work so sometimes I get lucky and get to travel along.

That said, we do a ton of 24 hour trips or weekend turn arounds (remember London & Amsterdam?).

…which also means I am down to one bag and something I can just throw in and go (& it won’t be confiscated by TSA).

Now, let’s talk Hydropeptide as a whole before I break it down for you.

Hydropeptide is a premier skin care line with a huge focus on anti-aging (!!!!!!) via the power of peptides.

Now wtf is a peptide?

According to the source itself,  “peptides are tiny protein fragments (or small chains of amino acids) that increase cellular communication within the skin. Various types of peptides exist with a multitude of functions. Peptides help promote natural elements of healthy skin including collagen production (which helps plump the skin), and neuropeptides helps relax repetitive facial muscle contractions (which softens wrinkles).”

Hi, I’m in.

Well, their products do just that… and this may be a bold statement but they work FAST. I used this for the entirety of the long weekend.

To be real, I was breaking out on Friday when we left but came back to San Francisco on Monday with clear & bright skin.

It might be worth mentioning that I didn’t wear any makeup while we were on the Sonoma Coast, as well.

I swapped out my usual suspects for this “On the Glow Anti Wrinkle” travel kit for the entirety of my stay because I wanted my review to be as accurate as possible.


The On The Glow Travel kit comes with (not to sound redundant) travel-sized versions of their anti-aging, wrinkle blasting regimen in a cutie white pearlized bag.

In it includes:

⚜ mask

⚜ cleanser

⚜ toner

⚜ moisturizer

⚜ eye cream

Other than the mask, I’d say there was plenty to go around for many a trips to come.

The mask (see below) will hold two treatments. Perfect for using once on a weekend trip.

To be honest, I’d recommend buying the full size mask (seriously, it rocks), and refill the travel container as necessary.

Actually, I recommend doing it with all their products so you just always have them on hand.


I personally loved that it included a toner. I talked about it here, I strongly believe it is one of the most important yet overlooked steps of a solid skincare regimen.

However… it’s def NOT the easiest to travel with.

I also loved the bag!

It was big enough to fit everything (& have plenty of room for other cosmetics) and soft enough to throw in your bag.

Hell, you can travel with it, throw in your gym bag, keep at your desk, keep in your purse for a night out… you name it.

I have everything listed in order of use.

I used everything, other than the mask, twice daily. Once in the morning & once at night.

Another great thing about these products is that a little goes a LONG way. One pump of the eye cream & Moisturizer is more than plenty.



⚜ ONE }: Purifying Mask
Active Ingredients: Peptides, Enzymes, Green Tea

The mask itself is small, but carries a mighty punch. It is full of bentonite & kaolin clay, and caffeine. That means this mask will not only purify the skin but keep it nice and firm.

Speaking of preventative measures, using a mask regularly will really do wonders for your skin.

Upon using, my skin instantly felt more… shall I say… plump? It also left my face feeling extremely clean, fresh, with a lovely glow. I let it sit on my face for about 15 minutes while I checked instagram.

I highly recommend this mask if you are looking for an “instant” fix. As mentioned earlier, I am absolutely buying the full size of this to keep on hand at all times.

⚜ TWO }: Exfoliating Cleanser
Active Ingredients: Triple Action Peptides, Glycolic Acid, Jojoba Beads

On days that I was not using the mask, this was my first step. For starters, it smells fantastic, like zingy citrus! It was one of those cleansers that you feel working the second you put it on your face.

The peptides foam up and brightens / energizes the skin. After using, your skin will feel hydrated & will have an instant glow to it. This cleanser also uses Jojoba beads. As you know, microbeads are whack & will F up this Earth. Jojoba beads are natural & biodegradable aka earth friendly. #BANISHTHEMICROBEAD

I used about the size of a quarter and used circular motions. YOu can easily use this with an exfoliating brush like a Clarisonic for a deeper cleanse.

 THREE }: Pre-Treatment Toner
Active ingredients: Lactic Acid, Triple Action Peptides, Orange Stem Cell

Like I said, this is such an important step. I also love that this toner focuses on anti-aging.

A good toner will balance your skin.

I also love how quenched my skin feels after using it – instant gratification to the max!

SIMPLE to use. Wet a cotton ball or tissue or whatver you desire and smooth all over your face (& neck)!

+ TIP: Be sure to apply moisturizer directly after while skin is still damp from toner to get the full anti-aging power of the moisturizer.

⚜ FOUR }: Face Lift (Advanced Ultra-Light Moisturizer)
Active Ingredients: Multiperformance Peptides, Antioxidants, Triple Hyaluronic Acid

All right, so if you know me by now, you know I would have been sold by the name alone. This moisturizer is light but will make sure to leave your skin at the exact moisture level it needs while maintaining firmness.

It is full of hyaluronic acid, which I mentioned here in my collagen coffeses, is key for your skin’s hydration & elasticity.

To apply, use a pea-sized amount all over face & neck. I am actually going to start using a Pure Beauty Blender for this step.

++ TIP: My favourite make-up tip, but use a drop or 2 of tea tree oil in your blender before applying to keep breakouts at bay.

⚜ FIVE}: Eye Authority Eye Cream (my favourite one!)
Active Ingredients: Multi-Performance Peptides, Pearl Peptides, Antioxidants

So, this stuff is major. A little goes a very long way. It is extremely light, yet ultra moisturizing and refreshing. This eye cream is just really the most perfect one I have ever used. It fights dark circles & puffiness while plumping fine lines.

I love that this eye cream has crushed pearls. This will really brighten your eyes right up. For a super bright look, use it with my secret weapon I talked about here.

Be sure to use either your ring finger or a q-tip (or the pure blender mentioned above) and lightly tap it into your skin. Never rub. The skin is so delicate!

If you are not using an eye cream, no matter what age you are, please I implore you to start. Trust me, it will make all the difference.


Sold yet?!

Wait, wait… it gets better!!

I also must mention that they do NOT test on animals (& are big advocates against it). YES.

Also, I have a special offer for you.

For being a reader, you can get this sick travel kit ($100 value) for 20% off with the code: BBACK20A – holla!

So do you wanna fight wrinkles while you’re somewhere fab or nah?

Let me know what you guys think! Any anti-aging tips to add?? Let me know!

See you tomorrow,


(PS: sans make-up below & this was taken on the last day of our long weekend directly after using the regimen for the last time whilst on vacation)



++ Thank you, Hydropeptide, for sponsoring this post. All opinions are my own, and my opinion is that this product is legit af & I am buying more to add to my collection.


Shop Hydropeptide ::


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