♡ Hugh Hefner Vibes {+ the show every blogger needs to watch!}

SO- I have a new addiction. But if anyone really knows me, it’s no surprise.


Are you in on it yet? Basically, it’s an original Amazon docu-series on Hugh Hefner & the creation of Playboy.

Not only is Matt Whelan who plays Hef insanely good looking, but it’s been really eye-opening to see the cultural impact of Playboy & how important it really was for the media / lifestyle as a whole.

Right now, Erik & I are still in the 60’s in Chicago but I can’t even begin to tell you how excited I am for the 1980’s with the evolution of technology & Los Angeles… but is anyone really surprised by that?!

It’s also really opened my eyes on the future of my blog & things I need to consider as I strategize on the growth of this little blog of mine.

In fact, I think EVERY blogger & entrepreneur needs to watch it.

One of the most eye opening scenes for me was after his divorce and he moved out and started the first Playboy mansion in Chicago. It was extremely well thought out and was invaluable to his brand. It literally brought his vision from print to reality.

Also, rather than honing in on who the Playboy man is, he decided to transform himself into THE Playboy. He changed the way he dressed, the way he acted, added in a new {which would later become iconic} accessory: his pipe.. & the rest is truly history.

As you know, I’m also in the process of redoing my apartment & it made me really take into consideration how important it is for me to eat / play / breathe / live in Champagne at Shannon’s & I need to embody it 24/7… which has been making this reno so fun.

It’s not just an apartment reno, but really, a SHANNON reno. Does that sound crazy?! Well, it’s what I’m doing & I’ve felt more motivated than ever.

SO- let’s talk outfit.

If I had to find an outfit that screams Champagne at Shannon’s, really it’s this.

From the blue tones, to the pajama piping, to the relaxed fit, to the retro feel, to the smoking jacket {which I want to make a regular to my daily uniform btw}… really, this is a win.

+++ jacket here || pant here

Basically, it’s a pajama suit- & insanely comfortable!

You can dress it up, dress it down, or keep it neutral. In fact, I wore this outfit to the office with a v-neck tee & it was a major hit.

Here, I have a white ribbed bodysuit & a bra that’s meant to be seen. Since the bodysuit is backless, I made sure the bra didn’t have a hook in the back. Instead, it has a little criss cross, strappy back. Fun right?

I LOVE pairing random tees with the jacket – it’s an instant outfit enhancement. Lately, I’ve been loving wearing this jacket over this Dare shirt from the 80’s that I got on depop {I’m about to start selling there btw – follow my shop here to be first in the know!}

This also pairs well with a button down shirt or any tee really. You can even go spicy at night and wear it over a long line bra.

As far as sizing, it runs huge. For the pants, I recommend sizing down at least 1 or 2 sizes. Here, I’m wearing an XS & they still fit pretty large. I also love the elastic waist, it keeps things casual and breezy.

However, for the jacket, it runs big but I recommend keeping things true to size so it gives that oversized “Hugh Hefner” look. I also love the length of it – I kept this at my normal size of a S.

I swear- this little number really brings in the complements. The jacket is seriously my favourite thing I own at the moment. The piping detail really makes it – the cuffs are my favourite part. To make it all better, this entire get up is on SALE!

& it is a smoking jacket after all, so why not add my favourite little accessory. After all, it’s good for you.

{ die over that sleeve detail }

&&&&&& that’s all I got!

Time to enter the 70’s in the Playboy world with Erik, a glass of wine, & some ravioli with olive oil + sliced cherry tomatoes + spinach/kale/basil + garlic + chili flakes {go to <10 min meal lately}… all with my blue light glasses on, of course!

PS – Speaking of Playboy and the 80’s, if you didn’t read it here, you HAVE to read this Playboy Interview with Steve Jobs from 1985 when he was 29. It’s mindblowingly good. Read here – enjoy!! x

jacket || pant || glasses {similar, splurge here} || shoes {similar}

{ photos }

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