Let’s talk… Essential Oils! {+ a giveaway!}

Happy Monday y’all!

& what a case of the Mondays it has been as my blog broke last night but now thanks to the help of a very smart friend of mine, we got things back and running. c’est la vie!!!

I feel like I’ve really been all over the place. I mentioned last week here how important consistency is blogging & I’ve been anything but! I have a lot of really fun content coming your way & I’m looking forward to jumping into more recipes here.

For as long as I’ve had this blog… even longer… I’ve been a huge advocate of essential oils.

After a long or busy day, they are one of my all time favourite ways to decompress.

Whenever I get back from traveling, it’s one of my favourite ways to ease back into reality & kick that pesky travel hangover to the curb.

In fact, it’s one of my all time favourite tips & it is something I have yet to write about. Soooo today, I’m going to break down the essential oil 101.

Throughout the next couple of weeks, I’ll break it down in more detail – think: a profile on various oils, how to detox with oils, best oils for anxiety, oils & cannabis – the list goes on. Anything you want to know about essential oils, leave it in the comments or ask on instagram & I’ll be sure to post about it.

NOW let’s talk essential oils, shall we?

:: Ok so… what are essential oils? ::

Essential oils are very powerful & concentrated plant extracts… much more powerful than the dried herb or herb itself. The essential oils capture the smell, characteristics & well, essence, of the plant & contain hundreds of various chemical compounds.

There are 4 main ways essential oils are diffused: steam distillation, absolute oil extraction, resin tapping, & cold pressing – with steam distilling being the most common way, using steam to draw the eo out of the plant.

There really is a type of oil for anything! Use them to relax, energize, fall asleep, ease hunger, encourage hunger, clarity, romance… the options are truly endless! Whatever you want to do, I promise there’s an oil for it.


:: How to Choose Essential Oils ::

When choosing an essential oil, quality is of the upmost importance!

Your skin is so permeable, so you want to make sure you are using the best quality & know exactly what is in it. When looking for an oil, be sure to look for “100% Pure” on the label to avoid getting any cheap blends of various fillers, chemicals & additives.

A little goes a LONG way so although the container may be small, you will get a major bang for your buck. That said, be wary of any huge bottles for a low price.  Good essential oils will average about $12 a pop but it’s worth every penny.

Aroma Foundry recently sent me some of their oils & I gotta say, they are some of the best I’ve ever used! I found that they really capture the essence of the plant. My current favourite is Bergamot!

Aroma Foundry is 100% pure, unalderated, undiluted, sourced locally, & small batched – the batch is hand numbered on the lid! Not to mention, I love their packaging.

You can shop Aroma Foundry here or on Amazon here.

:: Ways to Use Essential Oils ::

ONE }: Aromatic :: This is the most common way I use mine – I use mine in this diffuser daily. Easy. I generally will do a blend of oils {listed below} depending on my mood.You can also mix it with a little almond or hemp oil and rub it on your pulse points for a quick whiff. If you need a little pick me up, you can keep a small bottle in your purse & inhale on the go. I’ve also seen it mixed with cannabis {love this} which I’ll go into more depth on in a later post.

TWO }: Dietary :: Basically, mix a drop or two with water, tea, or any liquid of your choosing. I must say, before you do this, it is imperative to do in depth research & ensure you have a food grade oil – again BE SURE it specifies it is 100% pure. Some of my personal favourites to ingest are peppermint, grapefruit {SO good in sparkling water but you can use any citrus oil!}, & sage {love sage in green tea}. You can also use a dash – a VERY small dash, think one shake – in your cooking to amplify any flavours {one dash of basil to brighten up a pesto, one dash of rosemary in a chicken soup}, Again, be sure to talk to a doctor with any questions!

THREE }: Topical :: This is my favourite way of using them. Kind of like using it aromatically, mix it with an oil {like coconut oil} & use it as a balm. Coconut oil & eucalyptus is perfect to ease sore muscles after a workout or keep a damp washcloth in your fridge with a mix of peppermint & eucalyptus post a hot run {or do this with a bandana and wear on your head!}. I like to use a drop of peppermint oil over my mint Glossier balm dot com & brush with a soft cheap toothbrush to exfoliate & plumpen my lips… can you tell I LOVE mint?! What else? 4 – 5 drops in your bath will send you straight to zen. I’m a huge fan of lavender for that. I mix tea tree oil in my moisturizer {I use this for day & this for night} to prevent breakouts. Finally, rosemary is great for hair growth! Add a few drops in your shampoo & massage on your scalp, or in your salt spray for extra texture.

Some of my Favourite Essential Oil Blends :

Now, let’s get into the fun stuff! Here are some of my favourite essential oil recipes.

Use as much or as little as you’d like, but remember, each drop goes a long way!

+++ mental clarity

lemon myrrtle + eucalyptus + peppermint

eucalyptus + lavender + peppermint

bergamot + orange + spearmint

patchouli + cedarwood + spearmint

grapefruit + mint

+++ energizing

lemon + grapefruit + peppermint

basil + sage + rosemary

bergamot + citronella + mint

rosemary + thyme + peppermint

spearmint + lemon + peppermint

+++ bathtime blend

bergamot + eucalyptus + lemon

ginger + grapefruit + sandalwood

lemongrass + mint + sage

basil + rosemary + tea tree

lavender + cinnamon + patchouli

+++ stress relief

lavender + lemon + chamomile

ylang ylang + lavender + lemon

sage + lavender + rosemary

bergamot + orange + ylang ylang

lavender + citrus + sage

+++ sleepy time

lavender + cedarwood

mint + lavender + ylang ylang

bergamot + lavender + patchouli

chamomile + bergamot + sage

sandalwood + ylang ylang +  orange

+++ sexy time

cedarwood + cinnamon + lavender

clove + orange + black pepper

sandalwood + ylang ylang + jasmine

rose + black pepper + patchouli

bergamot + patchouli + jasmine

:: Giveaway details! ::

I am going to gift a Champagne at Shannon’s reader their own oil diffuser {choice between this, this, this, or this (black)} & a bottle of my favourite oil from Aroma Foundry: Bergamot! {a $65 value}

To enter, it’s simple – follow me on Instagram & comment on this post of your favourite ways to use essential oils! For an extra entry, follow me on bloglovin!

I’ll announce a winner on Sunday, July 16, 2017.

All right, y’all that’s all I got today. Stay tuned for more on essential oils. Anything else you want me to talk about with them, let me know & I’ll make it happen.

Talk soon,



+++ thank you for sponsoring this post, Aroma Foundry. ♡


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