GAME CHANGER: Japanese Collagen Bath Salts FTW!

Champagne at Shannon's talks EARTH Roman Skincare Collagen Bath Salts from Japan!

It’s no secret I love collagen. In fact, in 2015, it was one of my first blog posts.

One of the best things I have ever done for myself, I can confidently say 3 years later, was incorporating collagen in my daily routine.

I drink it in my coffee, I put it on my face {using this to be precise}, & now I even bathe in it.

YUP. I bathe in collagen and it is a game changer.

For the nitty gritty on why collagen is so rad, check out this throwback post but today I’m going to talk why bathing in it is a major game changer.

First off, I feel like there’s LOTS of talk on aging prevention on the face and not so much on the body really. & I get it. I have a 10 step nightly face skincare routine and some days I forget to put on body lotion, you know?

I got to thinking a few months back and realize that I need to start taking the same care of my skin as a whole that I do on my face. I mean I can anti-age the hell out of my face but what good does that do if I don’t take care of the rest of my body?

Champagne at Shannon's talks EARTH Roman Skincare Collagen Bath Salts from Japan!

I’ve also incorporated a Japanese skin care routine. Meaning: all of the products I use {other than rx retinol} is from Japan. Why? Post for another day but long story short, it’s the perfect balance between science & nature. Ever since we came back from Tokyo, I completely rejazzed myskin routine and it has transformed my skin.

Collagen is HUGE in Japan. HUGE. You walk in a 711 {which are next level in Tokyo} & they have a variety of collagen shots. In drugstores and beauty counters, there’s just a ton of collagen.

& which introduced me to…

EARTH Roman Skincare Collagen Bath Salts

Basically, as soon as I saw these my mind was blown. Soak in collagen for instantly plump, soft skin? Makes all the sense in the world and sign me tf up.

On top of that, they were extremely inexpensive and you can buy them on Amazon here.

So let’s talk collagen baths. Why bathe in collagen? Easy: hydrate, firm, & smooth – aka anti age- your skin.

Let’s talk the EARTH Roman Skincare Collagen Bath Salts as a whole. I’ll admit, I was a little nervous to use them as I find collagen has a very distinct smell and it’s not my favourite. It’s also why I take it in coffee (kudos to those who can do it in just water).

Champagne at Shannon's talks EARTH Roman Skincare Collagen Bath Salts from Japan!

I was pleasantly surprised that I could not smell the collagen at all! Now, it’s an orange blossom scent & it’s VERY STRONG but not unpleasant. In fact, the EARTH Roman Skincare Collagen Bath Salts smell almost exactly like Glossier’s Body Hero. In fact, that’s the lotion I like to use after my collagen bath.

After my first collagen bath, the results were seriously instant. With continued use got better and better. Your skin will feel immediately softer, smoother, & moisturized. While you’re in the bath, I swear you can just feel your muscles relax and your skin get softer. I can’t explain it but it’s just wonderful.

I also liked that it turned the bath into a milky white… so white it almost looked liiiiight blue. I found the colour super soothing. The consistency is more of a powder than a salt crystal.

Champagne at Shannon's talks EARTH Roman Skincare Collagen Bath Salts from Japan!

Now as you can see, the entire label is in Japanese. Right now (but hopefully in the near future! I’m taking lessons!), I can’t read it so I did some sleuthing online on how to use the EARTH Roman Skincare Collagen Bath Salts before I did it.

Basically, just fill up your bath for as hot as you can take it. They recc 100 – 104 degrees fahrenheit but I have no idea what temperature my hot bath is. To me the hotter the better. You will want the water be able to cover you up to your shoulders to really take in the full effect. As you add the water, add 20 – 30 grams of the collagen bath salts and mix with your hands to incorporate (or else the bottom will feel a little sandy). What’s super cool about the packaging is that there is an inner rim on the plastic lid which is 20 grams so just fill that! Anyways relax for 20+ minutes and you’re done! I always like to put on a face mask while I bathe for a full body pampering.

Champagne at Shannon's talks EARTH Roman Skincare Collagen Bath Salts from Japan!

This may also sound super crazy but when I take baths, I don’t dry off. Instead, I let everything completely absorb & then I put on a robe. It takes about an extra 5 – 10 minutes but it makes all the difference. What I’ll do is pull the drain and just chill in the tub until the waters gone & I’m dry. If I’m super bored, I’ll just get on instagram or something to kill the time.

Anyways, I HIGHLY RECCOMEND. I can’t wait to use it in the colder months too… even though San Francisco isn’t exaclty the warmest for summer anyways.

Whip up some detox water {or rosé or if you want to go hella meta a collagen coffee, either works}, fill up your bath with collagen bath salts, relax & say hello to plump bouncy skin!!

OK! How about you? Are you on the collagen train? Any products I have to check out? Let me know!! In fact, it would be super interesting to DIY this with some collagen powder & bath salts… which I will give a go and report back!

On another note, we just finished TRUST on FX. SO GOOD but now we are in desperate need for a new show. Any ideas??

Happy Monday 🙂

xo Shannon

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