Cheeky Slip Dress Styling (aka Monday Mood)

{ Cheeky Slip Dress Styling // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ Cheeky Slip Dress Styling // Champagne at Shannon's }


I feel like 2016 is the year of the slip dress.

Seriously, so easy to style and easy to dress up and down.

The second Kendall Jenner was photographed in the stunning AYAI Zillah Dress [I’ve been lusting over for a long while in blood red, please] layered with a plain white T, that easily became the look of summer.

Personally, I’m a major fan.

It’s the perfect blend of feminine with a boyish touch (remember this post here?) and I feel like you can tug on both sides of it. To bring out some tomboy vibes, pair it with some high tops or combat boots. For a more feminine feel, heels or knee highs are my MO for adding to the girliness.

Now, to be completely honest, I’ve been eyeing this majorly last season Fuk U cigarette shirt from Brandy Melville for a long, long time. I may have given up my drunken Parliament habit in 2013, but I do love the edginess of the graphic tee (also a fan of their Darling collection like this & this)

When I saw one left from a random return at my local Brandy the other week, I snatched it with no second thought! SCORE! Can also find it here, here, and here on Poshmark or here, here, and here on ebay.

I knew it was perfect to pair with my favourite black velvet slip, also from Brandy (sold out, but similar).

It added a fun cheeky touch to the typical slip over a white tee.

{ Cheeky Slip Dress Styling // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ Cheeky Slip Dress Styling // Champagne at Shannon's }

Now…. I can be a bit extreme and provocative. It’s my nature, and I actually don’t mind a little controversy. (SPEAKING OF CONTROVERSY OMG I CAN’T GET ENOUGH OF THE KANYE / TAYLOR SWIFT / CALVIN HARRIS / KIM KARDASHIAN DRAMA, anyone else?! #NOSHAME)

That said, this shirt might not be everyone’s cup of tea. However, I do hope it inspired to bring out a more fun twist on the slip over T combo.

You can do a fun graphic, a band tee, or even something that just makes you do a double take.

I have an embroidered shirt that says “cute, but psycho” (which the latter half really does me justice tbh) seen here, that I will 100% be pairing with this dress.

I also think anything from Nike or Adidas – you know, something sporty spice-ish – would be great with this or a graphic tee with a cheeky saying. Big fan of puns over here.

Add some mirrored sunnies (as you can tell, these are my go tos), a layered or bondage (obsessed with this, this, and anything Zana Bayne) inspired choker, a silky long line jacket (major fan of the PJs out look), and a rad beer and you are good to go!

OH, and don’t forget a sexy red lip!

My favourite is MAC’s Russian Red. In fact, I asked the beautician behind the counter a red shade for blue eyed, fair skinned brunettes – aka me – and without a hesitation, he put this in my hand. Done deal… but to be fair, I think this is a classic shade for all.

{ Cheeky Slip Dress Styling // Champagne at Shannon's }

{ Cheeky Slip Dress Styling // Champagne at Shannon's }

Speaking of fuk u… anyone else feeling this way about Monday? 😉

Now, spill – what’s your favourite way to layer a slip dress? I am thinking a lacy bra that is meant to be seen will be the next way to style this with a kimono to add to the lingerie look.

Any cheeky tees I need? Holla at a playa – the cheekier the better.

x Shannon

{ Cheeky Slip Dress Styling // Champagne at Shannon's }

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