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Happy Friday! 🙂

So sorry for the delay on this as today has been a travel disaster -BUT we are currently en route to Houston right now. I always look forward to my Houston trips. It’s always a bit nostalgic in the best way & I love seeing my best friend who still lives there.

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been in a total funk all week. With all the tragedy & hate going on in the world, I’ve found it’s been hard to muster up energy. Yesterday, for the first time in a long time I took a full day to myself & my thoughts and it was strangely therapeutic.

We get back on Sunday and then we have a week in San Francisco before we leave the country. Erik bought a new wok so I’m looking forward to spending that week cooking {another form of therapy} & recipe researching.

ALSO!! I’ve alluded to this a few times but over the next two weeks, I am giving C@S a MUCH NEEDED make over! I will be starting that this weekend.

Sometime in the next week, I’ll be pulling the blog down while I work on the new site. If there is anything you want to see in the makeover, let me know. Let me put it this way… it will be a lot more ME. In the interim,

Early this week, I took a break completely from the screens. I’m talking  both social media & the blog. I sat down with Erik and we made an outline that is basically the seed to my business plan, as I launch the new site. If you are a blogger, I cannot recommend doing it enough. It’s starting to give me more clarity on what I need to do to be where I am.

If you do one thing this weekend, my recc is to put it on paper. Write it out. It will def be eye opening & let your brain work on it’s own without the computer. I guarantee you will find some magic.

On that note… off to Houston to go eat all the queso & all the Toll House Crunch cake.

If you have any reccs, let me know!


>> Barcelona / Charlottesville, you are in my thoughts. ♡

EAT ME }: Grilled Veggie Salad with Chermoula by What Annie’s Eating

A few weeks ago, I came across Annie’s blog & literally fell in LOVE. Basically, everything she makes is everything I could ever want to eat. She’s a recipe developer at goop & really knows her stuff. This grilled veggie salad looks divine! I can’t wait to make this next week. She is easily my new go to food blogger.

DRINK ME }: 2014 Bos “Ode to Fume” Sauvignon Blanc Napa Valley

You might have caught this in my insta-stories last night! I have a major respect for biodynamic wines& this Sauvignon Blanc is no exception! Bos Wine, by winemaker David Bos, based in Napa has been practicing biodynamic winemaking. His appropriately named Moon BOS are blends but he released a single varietal called ODE. I had the pleasure to try the “Ode to Fume” Sauvignon Blanc & it’s a wine you can easily enjoy on it’s own or with food. 9 months in a concrete egg, steel & neutral oak so it’s silky smooth with a nice lingering finish. Try this with the above Grilled Veggie salad! Seriously a perfect match. I’ll def be visiting this winery next time I am in Napa. Buy here.

READ ME }: Five Tips On Overcoming Negativity on Social Media by Thrifts & Threads 

This is a very well written piece on how to handle negativity in the social media space. As bloggers, we really put ourselves out there which makes us very vulnerable. The internet can be a lovely, supportive place but a dark one at the same time. Brittany {a blogger who always inspires me} worded it very eloquently on how to handle it when negativity happens. A must read for all bloggers!

BUY ME }: Diego Two Piece by Reformation

I gotta still rep the  #REFSALE! It’s no secret that Reformation is my favourite brand. If you follow me on Instagram, you KNOW I am obsessed with this two-piece. In fact, it’s worth it for the pants alone, they are SO GOOD & probably my most worn item in my closet. In fact, I am thinking about ordering it in brown and another set in black. See me in it here.

DANCE W/ ME }: Club cheval – Discipline

I talked more on Club cheval here, but Discipline was their debut single. It’s a favourite of mine but I’ve been revisiting it in a major way over the past 2 weeks. Think the  perfect blend of house music with some smooth R&B. If you’re a fan of both The Magician & Timbaland, you will love Club cheval. I can’t get enough & will def be adding their vinyl to my collection.

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