The Champagne Edit :: Cheers & Thank You!


I have to admit, this week was a favourite one of mine on the blog & I have some awesome readers to thank for that. I am so, so, SO glad y’all liked the CBD post.

It’s an interesting topic to talk about & get very vocal on because you never know how it’s going to be taken. I am glad I was able to do a small piece in telling my story & breaking the stigma, little by little.

So thank YOU!

I appreciate all the feedback & it has my mind going for more and more topics on cannabis. Anything you ever want to know, feel free to contact me either in the comments, or privately through  instagram DM or e-mail me.

Speaking of instagram, it really does go down in the DM! I feel like I’ve had so much girl talk in there with so many awesome like-minded people. It’s amazing how an app can foster so many friendships. Get out there, get social, & come say hi!

As far as the weekend, not much going on here. I’m shooting an outfit I am SO EXCITED to post on the blog {it gets in today!!!!}, & I have a real fun partnership coming throughout the next two months that I am bursting at the SEAMS to tell. I think you will find it VERY interesting – let me just say, when I first heard of it last November, my jaw was on the ground & it’s been on my mind ever since – I am beyond excited to do it. I’ll spill in about 2 weeks with the first part of it.

Here in the Marina & a new macaroni & cheese {!!!!!!} restaurant opened so I’m hoping to peep that with Erik & see Baby Driver today or tomorrow. Anyone see it?!

Welllll that’s all I got!

What are you doing this weekend?

x Shannon

EAT ME }: Enchilada Chicken Roll-Ups by SkinnyTaste :: I was drooling as soon as I saw these! They are basically enchiladas minus the tortilla! This is a great low-carb recipe that’s packed full of flavour! Serve it with some brown rice & chopped greens!

DRINK ME }: Coconut Guava Cocktails by Musings of a Moon :: I am a MAJOR fan of anything tropical – especially guava, it’s one of my favourite fruits {as seen in my popsicles here}. This cocktail is light with all the right flavours. I also love that she used crushed ice! PS – it’s millennial pink with a la croix topper… very insta-worthy! 😉

READ ME }: Rosé Jelly Is About To Be Peanut Butter’s New Best Friend by Refinery29 :: I am SO ready for this jelly. Have y’all heard of Drunk Jelly?! Basically, it’s rosé jelly… that’s right, jelly made out of rosé & it’s taking the internet by storm! Check it out for yourself. I want to get some to make some macarons & allll the rosé desserts! Buy Drunk Jelly HERE!

BUY ME }: lulu dk Love Letters Spinning Initial Necklace by Nordstrom :: I wouldn’t be a true blogger if I didn’t mention the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale, right?! HA. Well Nordy’s opened the door to it’s sale today & this necklace was the first thing on my list! I love the personalization & gold pendant necklaces are so hot right now. It’s an easy way to dress up a white tee & jeans look. What did you buy from the sale?

DANCE W/ ME }: Pegboard Nerds & Tony Junior – Voodoo :: If you follow me on instagram, you know I am OBSESSED with this track. I’ve had it on repeat ever since I heard it from a Sex Tape 😉 it’s a go to for the gym for me, I really can’t get enough! Seriously, from the BPM to the vocals, to theat raw bassline – it’s a spicy track. I dare you to NOT have the best cardio of your life on this song. PS – if you like this track, be sure to check out WRLD – Chase it here





+ all pics used are from the articles linked except for III here


  • ⚜️ golden hour ⚜️ these @rasknyc are easily the coolest jeans in my wardrobe 🥀 edgy slits, d-rings, & raw hems aka all my favourite things {& they are 70% off w code SUMMER18} 🖤
  • starting the morning off right 🎛 Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 is one of my fav albums of all time - its’s seriously BEYOND. Anyone else love Daft Punk as much as I do?? 🛸✨ #daftpunk #alive2007
  • current fav shirt 🎐 it’s from @nordstrom but not part of the sale lol #bloggeroftheyear ....but if you want my picks from the #nsale they are on the blog! 💾 📲
  • one to cure whatever ails you ⚗️ thanks so much @kurvanaofficial for the top notch pens 🍃 the Pineapple Express is my fav {sativa that stimulates productivity & creativity while alleviating stress & anxiety w a tropical flavour? GIMME} 🏝🍍✨
  • I love these @everlane day heels almost as much as I love @erikschuchard, they’re THAT good {...& the pastel pink ones are currently in my cart!} 🍒 #californiastyle #everlane
  • basically all I do when @erikschuchard asks me to go golfing with him: steal his golf cart, steal his beer, & make him stop his game to take photos... who said golf was boring?! 🍻⛳️ #bestcaddyever
  • ...and just when I thought I was done complaining about packing, now I’m complaining about unpacking 📦😩📦 Oban, please 🥃✨ #whatsinmycup #newdigs

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