The Champagne Edit :: California.

Today {well… if we’re being technical, tomorrow} marks four years since I took a one way flight to San Francisco.

It’s always a very nostalgic moment for me to look back on & I remember everything so vividly as if it was yesterday.

That Saturday was one of the strangest days of my life & one I will never forget. It’s a day I hold dear to my heart for every second & one I don’t for granted.

I’ve been talking and planning about the future a lot lately & it got us to talking about San Francisco. Though I don’t see myself here forever, I will forever consider San Francisco my cocoon.

One thing I think of often is how different my life would be if I didn’t move here. Moving here changed my life in so many ways. The end of 2013 was some of the hardest & darkest of my life, but I imagine metamorphosis is darkly terrifying for the caterpillar too.

Now a good 4 years later, here we are, & it’s been the brightest years of my life.

Everyday, I thank my lucky stars I had the courage to make the change. When I made the decision, it seemed so ludicrous at the time that even my girlfriends in Dallas were completely unsupportive of my decision. BUT- none of that mattered. It didn’t effect my decision in the slightest as it wasn’t anyone’s to make but me & is one I’ve never once regretted. The best thing I’ve ever done for myself was moving & there are so many times I wish I could go back in time & hug Dallas Shannon and tell her “just you wait til you see who & what’s in store for you”.

I also find with the biggest ideas, support is low. Steve Jobs was told that no one would buy his product but that also didn’t matter. The worst thing he could of done was feed other people’s beast instead of the one he fed… as we currently read this from an Apple product most likely.

My point with this story is that if you want to make a change, then do it. Feed the beast you believe in, not the one that others think you should do.

If you have an idea & you can feel it in your bones that you need to do it- DO IT. It doesn’t matter what anyone thinks, it only matters what YOU do & how YOU feel. And hell, you can always e-mail me because I am ALL for people doing things on their terms – you have a cheerleader in me.

Things fall into place – but it’s more like Tetris. There are so many pieces falling, but you have to work your ass off to arrange them to fall into place.

Anyways, I wanted to get a little nostalgic about the day here. In fact, the image I used here is my very first apartment in Healdsburg.

As far as the weekend, I have a little tradition I do on my San Franniversary which is going to the restaurant I went to for dinner the evening I landed here. Other than that, some fun shoots for the blog, more apartment reno, & exploring the city. The Magician is back in San Francisco tomorrow so who knows, maybe we’ll go see him again 🙂

Sometimes I feel like I take it for granted that I live here, so I need to get out more. If you have any SF reccs, let me know.

What are you up to this weekend?

Now let’s get into the edit, shall we?


A good panna cotta is one of my favourite desserts. So simple, yet indulgent… not to mention, thanks to the gelatin, they are easy to spike! This dessert is not only stunning but looks delicious, I can’t imagine how good the house smells as you make this. Adding to my list ASAP!


As the seasons change, I really look forward to the change of the flavours if that makes sense. One of my favourite being cranberry. I LOVE spiked Kombucha and this Cranberry Kombucha looks divine! I love the addition of bitters too. Would be super easy to make a healthy mocktail of this too!


This is a fascinating interview with famous food critic, Pete Wells, on the evolution of technology in regards to his job. With the rise of social media, it’s made us all into a bit of a food critic, ha! I remember the era when I worked in restaurants, social media was minimal & the food critics would try to be as incognito as possible. Interesting to think how taking photos of food then would be a dead giveaway vs now.


I’m actually wearing this right now as I type this!! It’s a STUNNING sweater and oh so soft, I love the velvet feel of it. It’s so easy to dress up or down. I have it with some ripped skinnies & combat boots but also love the idea of throwing this over a slinky dress & heels to hit the town. I have it in Ivory & highly considering getting the neon pink! How would you style it?


When I first moved to San Francisco, this style of music really captures it for me, especially with the xx. It’s also when I got into The Magician. He recently included this in his recent Magic Tape 74 {SO GOOD BTW – I have it prompted at the song below} & it’s a show stopper. It’s a hauntingly beautiful track that you have have to give a listen. I also like to get a bit moodier with my song choices in Fall & Winter.








  • Monday uniform: cable knits & cropped flares 💼 #backtowork #slsootd
  • sundays at home > sundays out, who’s w  me? ⚜️ #thisis30something #momentswithsunday
  • I like to call this my sonic the hedgehog sweater 🦔 anyways I’m ready for le weekend, hbu? ⚜️ #slsootd #wineoclock
  • ⚜️ on the blog ⚜️ I recreated our most memorable meal from Key West: shrimp fettuccine from @nineonefive_kw & it’s one of our fav date night dishes. Get the recipe on SLS & woo your boo this weekend 💞 link in bio 🍴 #slsfortwo #ontheblog #healthyrecipes
  • feeling like fall which means in sf it’s finally feeling like summer and I’m so into it ⚜️
  • did you guys miss the glitché? I know it’s so 2017 but I lowkey missed it. Anyways that’s not why we are here but this dope gem of a wine from @domaineenchantoir is. This wine is SO GOOD that on first sip, @erikschuchard & I bought a case on @klwines and had it delivered to us in less than 24 hours, it’s that good.
2015 DOMAINE DE L’ENCHANTOIR “LE PIED À L’ÉTRIER” SAUMUR PUY-NOTRE-DAME ROUGE {~$17 !!!! } :: fun fact, but this winery is certified organic. Cool right? Anyways, like most in the middle Loire Valley, Cabernet Franc is the star & this wine is 100% cab franc. Super fragrant! The first thing I thought of when I tried it was leather studded rose petals. There are also notes of tobacco, black cherry, black tea, cranberry, & hibiscus. One thing to note is that there is NO green pepper on the note or palette. Seriously, it’s not vegetal at all bc it’s not a regular cab franc, it’s a cool cab franc. But seriously this wine will blow your mind and rock your world at the same time. Also I want a perfume in this, like who doesn’t want to smell like a leather studded rose?
It’s very food friendly but good on its own. Medium bodied and extremely well balanced. It pairs well with charcuterie, smoked fish, grilled meats or vegetables, & sunsets. We’ve been on a grilled pizza kick which would be so good with this too! Grilled Thai or Vietnamese dishes would also be off the charts.
Y’all. I can’t even scratch the surface on how good this wine is. It seriously gets better with each sip. If you see it, BUY IT. If you can’t find it, look online. I got along without it before I met it but I sure as hell couldn’t do it now. 🍷 #trustmeimasomm
  • thank g san francisco is such a photogenic city bc i have no idea what i’m doing w my film camera lol 👩🏻‍🔬 #slssf

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