The Champagne Edit :: Birthday Edition!

Hello from Palm Springs!

It is AMAZING to be back here, in fact we’ve had my birthday planned here since we were here for a wedding about 6 months ago so I can’t believe how fast the time is going.

If you have any reccs, let us know! We are staying in downtown Palm Springs. Also, follow along on Instagram! I’ll be sure to post some stories and fun grams… after all, Palm Springs is probably THE most instagrammable place in the US 😉

My actual birthday is on Sunday so we are on the hunt for a really special place for dinner. Let me know any can’t miss spots.

I hope everyone has a phenomenal long weekend! May it be full of champagne, grilling, & fireworks!  I’ll be taking Monday off but I have a very special blog post planned for Wednesday.

Talk soon!! x Shannon

EAT ME }: One Bowl Vanilla Cake with Sweet Yogurt Buttercream by The Kitchn :: . Can I please have this for a birthday cake?! When it comes to cakes, I’m a vanilla gal ALL the way. I’d add some sprinkles to make it “funfetti” & decorate it with some strawberries. YUM!

DRINK ME }: The Waterloo from Employees Only :: It’s the birthday edition so why not include a drink chock full of all my favourite things {Campari, Gin, Watermelon} from one of favourite bars in New York. All the flavours pair extremely well together. I’ll take 10 this weekend, pls.

READ ME }: The Biggest Lesson I Learned From My 20’s by yours truly! :: I wrote this post en route to Cabo last year for my 30th birthday. My 20’s were a crazy time but in hindsight, everything connected which really, at the end of the day, was the genesis of blogging for me. Would love to know your thoughts on it as a birthday present 😉 x

BUY ME }: Everything from the Coach x NASA collab :: How amazing is this NASA x Coach collab?! I am completely fascinated by outerspace & I love NASA. I need EVERYTHING from this collection but this is my favourite piece from it. What’s yours? Read more about the collection here.

LET’S DANCE }: Magic Tape 43 by The Magician :: Y’all know I am obsessed with The Magician but this is one of my all time favourite magic tapes of his. It’s absolutely perfect for any long weekend pool plans. All the songs on this are seriously so good, but I have to admit, Disciples – Poison Arrow is one that really stands out to me. I hope you enjoy!! This tape always takes me back to this time 2014. x



+ all pics used are from the articles linked except for II here


  • ⚜️ golden hour ⚜️ these @rasknyc are easily the coolest jeans in my wardrobe 🥀 edgy slits, d-rings, & raw hems aka all my favourite things {& they are 70% off w code SUMMER18} 🖤
  • starting the morning off right 🎛 Daft Punk’s Alive 2007 is one of my fav albums of all time - its’s seriously BEYOND. Anyone else love Daft Punk as much as I do?? 🛸✨ #daftpunk #alive2007
  • current fav shirt 🎐 it’s from @nordstrom but not part of the sale lol #bloggeroftheyear ....but if you want my picks from the #nsale they are on the blog! 💾 📲
  • one to cure whatever ails you ⚗️ thanks so much @kurvanaofficial for the top notch pens 🍃 the Pineapple Express is my fav {sativa that stimulates productivity & creativity while alleviating stress & anxiety w a tropical flavour? GIMME} 🏝🍍✨
  • I love these @everlane day heels almost as much as I love @erikschuchard, they’re THAT good {...& the pastel pink ones are currently in my cart!} 🍒 #californiastyle #everlane
  • basically all I do when @erikschuchard asks me to go golfing with him: steal his golf cart, steal his beer, & make him stop his game to take photos... who said golf was boring?! 🍻⛳️ #bestcaddyever
  • ...and just when I thought I was done complaining about packing, now I’m complaining about unpacking 📦😩📦 Oban, please 🥃✨ #whatsinmycup #newdigs

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