♡ Valentine’s Vibes for Any Occasion ♡

I don’t know about you, but Valentine’s Day is one of my favourite holidays.

I won’t get all gushy here, but any day to celebrate love is a win in my book. No matter what the situation is: a sexy night in, a night out with the girls, or a night in solo {after all, self love is the best love} – it’s worth celebrating!

I rounded up some of my favourites just in time for the holiday! Be sure to check the blog this weekend for a bacon truffle recipe to whip up over the weekend. They make PERFECT gifts. Bacon roses are soooo 2012.

Whatever the sitch, I gotcha covered – ranging from desk to dinner, Girls Night Out, a solo pampering day & a sexy night in! There is a lot of crimson red – it’s my favourite colour at the moment & I see it going way into spring as well. Kind of an edgy, unexpected look over the romantic pinks & florals, non?

Anyways, let me know what you think !!

With Valentine’s Day #onatuesday, many of us will be dashing straight from the office to dinner. These picks are easy to take from the office to date night super fast. I have options included from casual work environments, like the start-up I work at, to more formal environments, such as an investment bank (where I used to work at).

{ ONE }: Sleek Velvet High-Waisted Slacks

+++ buy here 

These pants are so good. I love the high waist and the wide straight leg. These are office appropriate & would look super polished with a button down. For a night out, unbutton the button down {or my case, a Portofino} a few extra buttons or change into a spicy top like this & top with a velvet blazer!

{ TWO }: A Classic Pussy Bow

+++ buy here

These style shirts are my absolute FAVOURITE! I love the tuxedo style ruffles with the contrasting tie. You can wear this in any office setting really. Formal with the slacks above, or casual with some flared jeans & finish it off with an oxblood lip!

{ THREE }: A Romantic, Sheer Button Down

+++ buy here

Another very versatile top! I love airy button downs. This print & fabric make it uber feminine. Wear with a nude cami to the office, and take off the cami and wear a lace bra for dinner… spicy! I love this top with a fiery orange red lip.

{ FOUR }: A Blood Red “Just Kissed” Lip

+++ buy here
+++ see Alexis’s collection here

Alexis Ren is such a babe. I seriously love her. She recently collabed with ColourPop cosmetics and her line is so killer! This is my favourite from the collection. It’s a blood red with a cool blue tone. This formula gives lips a “just blotted” {or just kissed} look – sexy! btw – all her products are under $15 !!

{ FIVE }: A “Go With Anything” Black Bag

+++ buy here

How chic is this? The structure is so clean and the embroidery makes it very fashion forward. This could easily pull together any outfit, including white a tee tucked into some skinnies & velvet pumps or slacks & a blouse. Express has some seriously rad bags – I always check them out with each season. The other one I am eyeing is this red cutie {<<< I think heart accessories will be MAJOR in the upcomign season}

{ SIX }: A Spicy Lingering Scent

+++ buy here

This scent is seriously insane. It’s the perfect contrast of feminine & masculine with a certain ‘je ne sais quoi’, if you will. Spray a little on your neck after leaving the office to keep him wanting to linger a little bit closer. Anything spicy, warm, leathery, & vanilla-y is my kinda scent. Also, this bottle is GORGEOUS, easy to leave around the house to double as decor 😉

{ SEVEN }: A Silky Blouse in a bold Colour

+++ buy here

It’s no secret I love my airy button downs, but I think we can all agree that a silk button down in particular are THE best in the world. They are extremely flattering & so luxurious. I’ve yet to see anyone look bad in one. I LOVE this bold colour & the structured pockets. This is in my shopping bag right now! I want every colour!

{ EIGHT }: A Portofino in my Favourite Shade of the Moment

+++ buy here {in shade Patriot – also love this in Red Laquer }

Okay, I know this is similar to the one above but Portofino’s are my JAM. I wear them literally everyday and probably have at least 30 in my closet. I love how they fit and all the colours they come in! These shirts go with everything. I am currently loving wearing them under a sweatshirt, with the collar + cuffs showing. I also love to wear them with skinny jeans {& slightly unbuttoned} with pumps. These go with everything. My dinner look for Valentine’s this year? This exact top in Patriot, over this sweatshirt in {mine’s in lack but blush would be festive} & black velvet skinnies.

{ NINE }: An Edgy “Leather” Jacket with Faux Fur

+++ buy here

How rad is this?? This is a jacket I’d put on whatever it is I am wearing, whether casual or formal & head to dinner. I LOVE the clour of the detail – so unique! It also looks so cozy & I know will bear many complements

{ TEN }: My Absolute Favourite Shoes Ever!

+++ buy here

I mentioned these here but I LOVE them! They are my absolute favourite shoes to wear to the office. They go with EVERYTHING & really polish off a casual look. The velvet on them are a nice touch & I like the gold bit on it. I wore them with my velvet sweats in Europe – love the velvet head to toe look! These will look killer with a black / white / denim / gray get up.



Ladies! Here are some flirty looks for a night out with the squad. I have a variety of flirty, to dressy, to casual.

{ ONE }: A Blood Red Maxi

+++ Buy here

This is one of my favourite hues at the moment. Not to mention the cut on this dress is super spicy! Would be super cute to top with a velvet blazer or a black faux fur.

{ TWO }: Rose Embroidered Skinny Jeans

+++ Buy here

I am loving the embroidered trend & roses are super in at the moment. What I really like about these are the drayed hem & shades of blush and red, making it super easy to coordinate with. You can dress these up with heels, or down with flats. Personally, I’d go either a glossy black oxford or combat boot!

{ THREE }: Romantic Lace Up Suede Heels

+++ Buy here

I’ve been lusting after these for quite a while but this colour?? WAY too good. You can really wear it with anything. I am loving this colour with black or white. Mix with black cropped pants or wear them with the maxi above for a monochromatic look!

{ FOUR }: A Sassy Cropped Velour Hoodie

+++ Buy here

Okay, post on another day, but velour tracksuits are BACK. I have this in black and I LOVE it. In fact, Erik even complemented me on it too when I wore it. I love the cropped fit this dusty rose colour is too good. You can wear it with the embroidered jeans, sweats, or black high waisted skinnies! Perfect for a chill night with the ladies

{ FIVE }: A Neon Pink Lipstick – Nars in Funny Face

+++ Buy Here

Right now, I am LOVING a NEON pink lip. Not only is it bold, but all you have to do is brush your brows & put on mascara and you are good to go! I feel like this complements ALL skin tones & makes a major statement.

{ SIX }: A Sexy Statement Choker

+++ Buy here

I absolutely LOVE this choker. It’s super sexy & can really go with anything. It wouldalso be perfect with the red dress above. Anything with a low neckline, really, it helps balance out the look! I like it because it looks like fishnets for your neck!

{ SEVEN }: A Flirty Bodysuit

+++ Buy here

I also have this bodysuit, but in red, & wore it my last day in Paris. I wore it with a black lacy bra that’s meant to be seen. Personally, I’d wear this with a maroon sheer lace bra underneath. It’s super flattering and this blush colour is gorgeous and so on trend. I also love this body suit because it snaps at the bottom, making it super easy to get in and out of {& bathroom breaks a million times easier! TMI I know

{ EIGHT }: Hot Pink Metallic Mules

+++ Buy here

How flirty are these?! Perfect to amp up a casual outfit or I even love this with a black slip. You can wear it with a White Tee, & girlfriend jeans for an understated, yet cool look. Match the shoes with the hot pink lip! Also, call me crazy, but I love these shoes with a velour tracksuit!

{ NINE }: A Slinky Pink Slip

+++ Buy here

This is too cute and slips are so hot right now. You see the black ones everywhere, but I am loving this colour! Wear it over a tee if you want to cover up and honestly, any shoes go. I LOVE mixing this shade of pink with black, like the model did.



Taking it solo tonight? Here are some picks to turn your house to a mini spa, some online shopping treats & sexy finds, and maybe some entertainment to binge on. Order in some carryout {+ dessert} and cozy on up!

{ ONE }: SEGA Genesis { !!!! }

+++ buy here

Fun fact, but I LOVE video games. When I was little, I was OBSESSED with my Sega Genesis. Well, Sega is BACK and in this super studio apartment friendly wireless console {and less than $70!}. I could easily play this for hours with a whisky in hand. By the way, I’m IMPOSSIBLE to beat at Sonic. It’s my jam. By the way, Ecco the Dolphin is a scary ass game.

{ TWO }: An In-Season Bag in this season’s hottest colour

+++ buy here

Nothing like the day of love to splurge on yourself, no? This colour is so hot right now and the bag is in a classic shape. This will translate well through any season. I am a total Bendel Babe & LOVE their purses.

{ THREE }: Cozy up in #mycalvins 

+++ buy here

These are perfect for a sega genesis binge & totally instagram friendly. I love the heathered grey with the classic band. Wear with a cozy hoodie or a lacy bralette!

{ FOUR }: A heavenly mask that stops aging in its tracks!

+++ buy here

Treat yourself to some roses… rose stem cells, that is. This max smells heavenly and feels even better on your face. This brand as a whole is one of my favourites.

{ FIVE }: A Hand Creme to make your hands baby soft

+++ buy here

Y’all know I LOVE this brand & who wouldn’t want baby soft hands smelling of macarons & rose? Be sure to treat yourself with both of the following prior to applying.

{ SIX }: A Peony Scented Candle

+++ buy here 

I told y’all I was a Bendel girl. This is one of my FAVOURITE candles. When I lived in Dallas, I had this exact candle burning in every room at all times. Peonies are my favourite flower & they are so beautifully scented.

{ SEVEN }: The best damn Facial Spray Ever!

+++ buy here

I LOVE THIS SPRAY! In fact, I add a few drops of tea tree oil to mine. It is so refreshing, smells gorgeous & perfect for setting make-up or to use as a toner. Not to mention, the price is VERY right.

{ EIGHT }: A Cozy Robe to Snuggle Up in 

+++ buy here

Victoria’s Secret makes the best robes. Perfect to cozy up in after a long bath soak {with your mask on, of course}! The ox-blood colour is stunning & I love how fluffy it is. Def put this on and watch a Valentine’s movie of your choice. Might I suggest American Psycho?

{ NINE }: A Dreamy Bath Soak to transport you to the South of France

+++ buy here

This is the BEST lavender scent there is. L’Occitane will literally take you to Provence with this scent. Light up some candles, put on some chill music, and relaaaax.

{ TEN }: A Plumpling Lipstick in a flattering nude inspired by KK

+++ buy here {check out the other shades from celebs here}

This lipstick has been on my radar for a LONG time. Charlotte Tilbury recently launched a lipstick line inspired by many celebrities. This pink nude inspired by Kim K is my absolute favourite. Such a flattering colour! These lipsticks are meant to plump naturally with antioxidants & light diffusing pigments, making them totally multidimensional.



This is for the sexy night in. I’m talking a home cooked meal, some cocktails {might I suggest a scotch?}, some good fun games, & an extra little something something. xx


+++ buy here {can stream for free with Amazon Prime!}

I featured VIVID DREAMS on my music Friday series, but this album is seriously incredible {& even better on vinyl}. It will for sure set up sexy date night in vibes.

{ TWO }: A Sexy Long Lace Robe

+++ buy here

How good is this robe? Not only will it get plenty of uses {not to mention super chic to wear out over a slip dress}, but it makes lounging around the house a little more sexy.

{ THREE }: Copper Twinkle Lights

+++ buy here

I recently bought these twinkle lights & LOVE them. They are the perfect shade & I love the copper wiring. They come in all sorts of sizes & not to mention add an extra glow in case you want to take some selfies 😉

{ FOUR }: Voluspa Candle in Crisp Champagne

+++ buy here

I am big into candles & this is easily my favourite one I own. For starters, it’s champagne scented & smells SO good, but it can also double as decor. The black packaging is super trendy.

{ FIVE }: Glow in the Dark Playing Cards

+++ buy here
+++ also check out the whisky wisdom & wine lovers cards – cool!

Easily the coolest cards ever – they glow in the dark! How fun would it be to play cards at night? Erik & I are big on card games so this would be a fun addition.

{ SIX }: His & Hers Ugg Slippers

+++ buy here for him & here for her

The best damn slippers! For lounging around the house, some his & hers Scuffs & Scuffettes are a must. I am currently loving the blush pink shade. It contrasts well with the robe!

{ SEVEN }: Modern Marble Chess Set

+++ buy here

Chess is Erik’s favourite game. Investing in a high quality marble board in his new place is on my list. I love the modern touch of the pieces, not to mention, it’s from one of my favourite decor shops: CB2.

{ EIGHT }: Rose Gold French Press

+++ buy here

How chic is the rose gold french press?? I want soooo bad. Whip up some coffee & make some sexy irish coffees for a Valentine’s Treat

{ NINE }: Rose Gold Glass Mug

+++ buy here

The matching mug is so cute too! You can use them for any kind of beverages really. These would make for some super cute instagrams.

{ TEN }: Moon Juice Sexdust

+++ buy here {or use this link to get 20% off & find it under the Dusts section}

Oooh la la! Aphrodisiacs in a jar. This is chock full of Ho Shou Wu {<<< I actually ordered a whole jar of this – maybe I can do a post?}, Organic Cacao, Shilajit, Maca {<<< y’all know how I feel}, Organic Schisandra, Cistanche, Epimedium, & Organic Stevia. Add it to your coffee above or make a naughty version with bourbon, vanilla & milk of your choice {I like hemp}!


{ ps for a really sexy night, may I recomend this? }

Well, let me know what y’all think!

Are you loving the crimson red trend as much as I am?

What are you doing / wearing for Valentine’s Day? Tell, tell!

OK talk soon!

+++ see what I got Erik for Valentine’s last year here x


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