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My favourite jeans in my closet right now… & they are $30!

The second I saw these jeans on Express’s website, I had to have them. I’ve spent the last two weeks pretty heavy both online and online shopping. Let’s rewind a bit. I mentioned here that I got a haircut that,…

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don’t just stare at it… follow it. @shannonsilver

  • Just in love with these silk pants from the 80s - I’m having a major ecru moment right now ✨⭐️✨ on the blog, I’m sharing my 5 fav @depop shops! These silk babies are from shop #2 on the post 📲 {link in bio}
#depop #depopshop #depopcommunity #80sstyle #80sfashion #buylessbuybetter
  • CBD me, pls 💦 #hydratedaf
  • baby’s first @naninvintage & it sure won’t be the last. Obsessed ⛵️✨ #naninvintage #bladerunner #californiacasual
  • ...because it’s Thursday and I’m thirsty ⚜️ currently drinking some @blackfeatherwhiskey so here are my tasting notes on this bourbon ✨
• on the nose :: spicy sweetness. Think baking soices, vanilla, sandalwood, and amber.
• on the palate :: strong and warm. You still get that same sweetness on the tongue and it lingers with it’s finish. I found it develops a bit with each sip with notes of marzipan  and oak
• my takeaway :: It’s a great everyday bourbon! Laid back and super approachable. It’s great on its own with an ice cube or mixed in a cocktail {as seen exactly 3 posts below this one on my grid - check out my fresh rainier cherry coconut cocktail there }
• where to buy: @traderjoes ! Love a good TJs alcohol find ✨
...ok I showed you mine, you show me yours. What’s in your cup tonight? 🥃
#blackfeatherwhiskey #blackfeathercocktailcontest #thefeatherhood #forgeahead #sponsored

Don't just stare at it, follow it

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré: the French pharmacy favourite that’s rocking my world

My love for this creme runs deep. There are some products that I use for the first time and instantly know they are the one. The Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré from France was one of those. In fact, one of my…

Some more French pharmacy faves

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